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Journal of Texture Studies

Journal of Texture Studies

Edited By:Jianshe Chen, Fred van de Velde, Chris Vinyard

Online ISSN: 1745-4603 Impact Factor: 1.591


The Journal of Texture Studies is a peer-reviewed international journal historically specialized in the texture and sensory perception of food and other consumer products. The journal was first published in 1969 and has been the primary source for disseminating advances in all sciences related to physical characterization and sensory perception of texture, in particular in areas such as food rheology and microstructure, tactile senses and texture perception, texture features and material attributes (composition, structure, and processing), food oral consumption, and studies associated with eating and sensory appreciation.

With the ever expanding research interests of texture studies and increasing cross-disciplinary research with the allied health industries, the Journal has redefined its scope to better reflect the broadened research activities and interests associated with texture and sensory perception. Recent developments in the discipline reveal a greater awareness of the essential role of oral and brain processes in texture and perception. Beyond the traditional subject matter of the journal, the editors welcome research articles, research notes, review papers, and discussion papers from contributors of food physics, oral physiology, sensory psychology, and other relevant disciplines. Some key areas/topics includes (but not limited to):

• Rheology, fracture mechanics, and microstructure in relation to texture, flavor and processing
• Modeling and simulation of eating processes
• Oral receptors and texture perception
• Oral tribology
• Food–saliva interactions
• Measuring and quantifying texture attributes instrumentally and by panels
• Novel techniques and optimization of instrumental tests
• Psychophysics and psychorheology
• Receptor responses and sensory perception in the brain
• Food design and engineering for enhanced oral experience and for vulnerable consumers

The Journal also accepts reviews of books particularly pertinent to the field.