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Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology

Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology

Edited by:Richard J. Crisp

Vol 1(2 Issues in 2017 )

Online ISSN: 2475-0387

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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The Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology aims to publish original research, quantitative reviews, and special features (such as comment or debate pieces) that have the potential to stimulate advances in social psychological theory. It is a sister journal to the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, focusing not on the application of established theory, but the earliest stage of the scientific process - the generation of new theory.

Content will include, but not be limited to, new theoretical contributions to our understanding of social cognition, attitudes, social influence, intragroup and intergroup processes, prejudice, self and identity and interpersonal processes. The Journal welcomes a wide range of methodologies, including both laboratory and field studies.

The intended audience will primarily be researchers, scholars and academics in social psychology but also those in related disciplines including, but not limited to, organizational and management science, economics, sociology, social policy, anthropology, cultural psychology, political science, and education.

JTSP fully supports and endorses the need for reproducibility in psychological science. By providing a clearly demarked outlet for the earliest stage in scientific discovery, the aim is to add to this mission. Accordingly, JTSP will be interested in research that provides initial support for a theoretical insight or concept, but one that also has the potential to significantly impact the field through a subsequent program of replication and reproduction. In providing an outlet for this early stage innovation, it is hoped JTSP will help significantly accelerate the discovery and development of theoretical advances in the field.