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Junctional Complexes of Epithelial Cells

Junctional Complexes of Epithelial Cells

Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Sarah Clark (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51340-8

Sep 2007

284 pages

Select type: O-Book


Epithelial cells cover the outer and inner surfaces of the body, forming a selective polarized barrier between the intercellualar space and the 'external' world. Linking the cells of this continuous layer and contributing to epithelial organization and function are specialized membrane domains--desmosomes, gap junctions, and occluding junctions. The contributors to this multidisciplinary symposium volume explore the nature of such junctional structures, focusing on the molecular organization and diversity of their constituent proteins, their formation and control, and interactions with ions and cytoskeletal elements. The physiological significance of cell-cell interaction in epithelia is considered, with reference to cell adhesion, barrier formation and intercellular communication, and to the functional implications for tissue architecture, embryonic development, morphogenesis and carcinogenesis.
Chairman's Introduction (M. Stoker).

On the Molecular Organization, Diversity and Functions of Desmosomal Proteins (M.S.

Steinberg & et al).

The Desmosomal Plaque and the Cytoskeleton (W.W.

Franke & et al).

Localization of Desmosomal Proteins.

Gap Junction Structure and the Control of Cell-to-Cell Communication (P.N.T.


Molecular Structure of the Gap Junctional Channel (M.E.

Finbow, & et al).

Sequence Diversity of Gap Junction Proteins (J.P.

Revel & et al).

Topology of Gap Junction Protein and Channel Function (N.B.


Patterns of Junctional Communication in Animal Tissues (J. Pitts, & et al).

The Use of Antibodies to Gap Junction Protein to Explore the Role of Gap Junctional Communication During Development (A. E. Warner).

The Role of Uvomorulin in the Formation of Epithelial Occluding Junctions (B. Gumbiner & K. Simons).

Barrier Function of Tight Junctions.

Tight Junction Proteins.

Epigenetic Rules for Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules During Morphogenesis (G M. Edelman).

Factors Affecting Epithelial Interactions (M. Stoker & E. Gherardi).


Subject Index.