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Jung and Educational Theory

Jung and Educational Theory

Inna Semetsky (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-29732-2

Apr 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

128 pages



Jung and Educational Theory offers a new take on Jung’s work, providing original, rich and informative material on his impact on educational research.
  • Explores Jung’s writing from the standpoint of educational philosophy, assessing what it has to offer to theories of education
  • Highlights Jung’s emphasis on education’s role in bringing up integrated and ethical human beings
  • Offers the perspectives of a diversity of academics and practitioners, on topics ranging from the role of the unconscious in learning to the polytheistic classroom
  • Both a valuable addition to the academic library and a significant new resource in the professional development of teachers
Notes on Contributors vi

Introduction: Jung and Holistic Education
Inna Semetsky viii

1 Jung and the Soul of Education (at the ‘Crunch’)
Susan Rowland 1

2 On the ‘Art and Science’ of Personal Transformation: Some critical reflections
Raya A. Jones 12

3 The Polytheistic Classroom
Bernie Neville 21

4 Itinerary of the Knower: Mapping the ways of gnosis, Sophia, and imaginative education
Antonina Lukenchuk 35

5 The Unifying Function of Affect: Founding a theory of psychocultural development in the epistemology of John Dewey and Carl Jung
Peter T. Dunlap 47

6 Deleuze’s Philosophy and Jung’s Psychology: Learning and the Unconscious
Inna Semetsky & Joshua Ramey 63

7 ‘The Other Half’ of Education: Unconscious education of children
Shiho Main 76

8 Complex Education: Depth psychology as a mode of ethical pedagogy
Robert Romanyshyn 90

9 Jung and Tarot: A theory-practice nexus in education and counselling
Inna Semetsky 111

Index 120