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Kase on Technical Analysis Streaming Video

Kase on Technical Analysis Streaming Video

Cynthia A. Kase

ISBN: 978-1-118-86474-6

Mar 2015

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Top technical analyst Cynthia Kase provides a six hour presentation on every aspect of technical analysis. The material will provide viewers with a foundation in charting and technical indicators, as well as cutting edge material based on Kase's own unique indicators and advanced statistical approaches. After describing the major technical approaches to interpreting market behavior, Kase then shows how to use technical analysis to plot trading strategies, hedge risk, and forecast markets. Specific areas of technical analysis covered, include: classical charting techniques, candlesticks, mathematical indicators, momentum indicators, Fibonacci analysis, and Elliott Wave. The forecasting section shows how to extrapolate from various technical methodologies to create both short and long term price forecasts. The trading section guides the viewer into utilizing technical approaches to formulate entry and exit strategies. The video will provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of technical analysis and how it can be applied for trading, hedging, and forecasting purposes.