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Keyboarding Skills for Children with Disabilities

Keyboarding Skills for Children with Disabilities

Dorothy Penso

ISBN: 978-1-861-56101-5

Sep 1999

226 pages

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Children who have difficulty with handling a pen or pencil or who have problems with organising movements at a cerebral level are at a great disadvantage in school no matter what their intellectual and academic levels may be. Personal computers and electronic keyboards can revolutionise the lives of children with these types of difficulties enabling them to perform in the classroom with their peers.

However, since such equipment is costly, it is essential that an accurate assessment is made of the child's needs and abilities to ensure that appropriate equipment is chosen. It is equally important when teaching keyboarding skills to select methods and techniques which are appropriate to each child's strengths and weaknesses.


Children who will benefit from learning keyboarding skills.

Assessing the need for learning keyboarding skills.

Choosing the most suitable equipment.

Methods of teaching keyboarding skills.