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Kindle Fire HD For Dummies

Nancy C. Muir

ISBN: 978-1-118-42215-1 November 2012 288 Pages


Movies, apps, games, e-books, and more - enjoy them all on the hottest device in town - the Kindle Fire HD!

From its stunning color touchscreen to its ultrafast speed, the Kindle Fire HD is sparking everyone's interest. This full-color guide will have you blazing through the web, staying entertained with the latest apps and games, watching your favorite TV shows and movies, and, of course, reading magazines, newspapers, and books to indulge all your interests. Whether this is your first tablet or you're upgrading from another device, you'll get to know your Kindle Fire HD and rekindle your love of reading with Kindle Fire HD For Dummies!

  • Covers the Kindle Fire HD and original Kindle Fire
  • Helps you navigate the interface, customize your settings, get connected, and take advantage of Amazon Cloud
  • Shows you how to work with the built-in apps and find new ones to to try out from the Amazon Appstore
  • Explains how to fill your Kindle Fire with cool stuff - from movies and music to videos, photos, apps, e-books, and more
  • Walks you through using Amazon's incredibly smooth Amazon Silk web browser to find anything you need online and keep in touch with e-mail, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter

Light 'er up and unleash the fun with Kindle Fire HD For Dummies!

Introduction 1

Part I: Making the Kindle Fire HD Yours 5

Chapter 1: Overview of the Kindle Fire HD 7

Chapter 2: Kindle Fire HD Quickstart 23

Chapter 3: Kindle Fire HD Settings 51

Part II: Taking the Leap Online 77

Chapter 4: Going Shopping 79

Chapter 5: Going Online 101

Part III: Having Fun and Getting Productive 125

Chapter 6: E-Reader Extraordinaire 127

Chapter 7: Playing Music 151

Chapter 8: Playing Video 167

Chapter 9: Going Social 179

Chapter 10: Getting Productive with Kindle Fire HD 199

Part IV: The Part of Tens 225

Chapter 11: Ten Apps That Add Functionality to Kindle Fire HD 227

Chapter 12: Ten (or So) Top Gaming Apps 241

Index 255