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Kinetic Peculiarities of Solid Phase Reactions

Kinetic Peculiarities of Solid Phase Reactions

E. Ya. Davydov, A. P. Vorotnikov, G. B. Pariyskii, G. E. Zaikov

ISBN: 978-0-471-98374-3 September 1998 160 Pages


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Much data has been collected from experiments on the kinetios of radical reactions in different solids, but to date, this has not been presented in book format in a thorough and comprehensive way. This book makes the experimental data accessible for all chemists involved in these reactions. Various models of the tunnel atom transfer are analyzed in order to explain the kinetic isotope effect in solid phase reactions and photoinitiated radical reactions are inspected for the kinetic non-equivalence of particles and factors affecting their reactivity. Topics covered include:
* kinetic description of reactions with dispersion particles in reactivity
* the influence of space-orientation factors on reactivity in cage reactions
* the influence of molecular dynamics on the kinetics of elementary reactions
* the effect of structural-physical modification on kinetics of cage radical reactions
Formally Kinetic Description of Reactions with Dispersion in Reactivity.

Influence of Space-Orientation Factors on Reactivity in Solids.

Connection of Solid Phase Kinetics with Molecular Dynamics.

The Effect of the Structural-Physical Modification on the Kinetics of Radical Reactions.

Tunnelling in Solid Phase Reactions.

The Kinetic Isotope Effect in Solid Phase Reactions.

Kinetics of Photoinitiated Reactions in Solids.