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Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics



Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics

Byung Chan Eu

ISBN: 978-0-471-61524-8 October 1992 752 Pages


For almost 20 years the author has conducted research on both macroscopic and molecular theories. The results of his investigation, which can be found in this work, are that irreversible thermodynamics and kinetic theory of matter are not separable especially for nonlinear irreversible processes occurring in systems removed far from equilibrium and thus must be examined together in a mutually consistent manner. Includes coverage of such topics as mass and momentum conservation law, bilinear and quadratic forms for entropy production, viscous phenomena, boundary conditions for velocities and much more.
Balance Equations and the First Law of Thermodynamics.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Local Theory of Irreversible Processes.

Irreversible Thermodynamics of Linear Processes.

Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics.

Irreversible Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Systems.

Irreversible Processes in Electromagnetic Fields.

Scattering Theory of Particles.

Kinetic Theory of Dilute Monatomic Gases.

Kinetic Theories of Quantum Gases and Gases with InternalStates.

Kinetic Theory of Dense Simple Fluids.

Transport Processes in Dense Simple Fluids.

Kinetic Theory of Dense Polyatomic Fluids.

Relativistic Kinetic Theory of Gases and IrreversibleThermodynamics.