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Kinetics and Mechanism, 3rd Edition

Kinetics and Mechanism, 3rd Edition

John W. Moore, Ralph G. Pearson

ISBN: 978-0-471-03558-9

Sep 1981

480 pages

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The third edition of a classic text originally by Frost and Pearson, that describes the fundamental principles and established practices that apply to the study and the rates and mechanisms of homogeneous chemical reactions in the gas phase and in solution. Incorporates new advances made during the past 20 years in the study of individual molecular collisions by molecular-beam, laser applications to experimental kinetics, theoretical treatments of reaction rates and our understanding of the principles that govern rates of reaction in solution. Presents numerous examples of the deduction of mechanism from experiment, including intimate details such as stereochemistry and the dependence of reaction pathway on the exact energy states of reacting particles.
Empirical Treatment of Reaction Rates.

Experimental Methods and Treatment of Data.

Elementary Processes: Molecular Collisions.

Elementary Processes: Potential Energy Surfaces and Transition-State Theory.

Simple Gas-Phase Reactions--Interplay of Theory and Experiment.

Reactions in Solution.

Complex Reactions.

Homogeneous Catalysts.

Chain Reactions.