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Kinship: An Introduction to the Basic Concepts

Kinship: An Introduction to the Basic Concepts

David Parkin

ISBN: 978-0-631-20358-2

May 1997, Wiley-Blackwell

224 pages

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This book is an introduction to the social anthropology of kinship - to the ways in which the peoples of different cultures marry and relate to each other within and outside the family.
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Part I: Basic Concepts:.

1. Introductory.

2. Descent.

3. The Family and Other Kin Groupings.

4. Marriage and Sexual Relations.

5. Kinship (Relationship) Terminology.

6. Symmetric Affinal Alliance.

7. Asymmetric Affinal Alliance.

8. FZD and ZD Marriage.

9. Non-prescriptive Pseudo-systems.

10. The Meaning of Kinship.

Part II: Theories of Kinship:.

11. The Significance of Kinship in Anthropology.

12. Theories of Descent.

13. Kinship Terminology and Affinal Alliance.

14. Typologies and Terminological Change.

15. Ethnographic Examples and Further Reading.



* Comprehensive introduction to a central concept in anthropology.
* Covers theoretical and fieldwork needs of students at a; post-introductory levels.