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Kitchen and Bath Design: A Guide to Planning Basics



Kitchen and Bath Design: A Guide to Planning Basics

Mary Fisher Knott

ISBN: 978-0-470-89008-0 December 2010 384 Pages

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The all-in-one reference to designing stunning and functional kitchens and baths

Designing for today's kitchens and baths requires technical savvy, a keen eye for aesthetics, and perhaps most important of all, the ability to coordinate efforts across many disciplines. Kitchen and Bath Design simplifies these complex decision-making processes with a comprehensive strategy for achieving kitchen and bath designs that successfully integrate beauty and practicality—while meeting client expectations. Fundamental design basics are covered, along with a host of important issues that designers must consider when conceptualizing these specialized rooms, such as ergonomics, codes and safety requirements, proper lighting and ventilation, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, wall surfaces, and more. Some of the topics that appear in this book include:

  • A detailed introduction to construction, plumbing, and electrical basics

  • A systematic approach to incorporating "green," energy-conscious design

  • An overview of crucial design elements, including pattern, texture, line, form or mass, color, space and light, and sound

  • The latest building codes and manufacturers' guidelines

Written by a leading expert in interior design, Kitchen and Bath Design uses three-dimensional drawings and corresponding photographs to deliver valuable information that is critical when it comes to planning, designing, specifying, estimating, building, pricing, or evaluating a kitchen or bathroom. Whether they're working on a new or existing space, professional designers can apply the lessons learned from this current andaccessible resource to masterfully take on all kitchen or bathroom projects—from the simplest to the most highly challenging.



Who Are Residential Space Planners?

Overview of Book.

Kitchen Design Principles.

Bath Design Principles.

1 Design Basics.

Basic Design.

Planning Procedures in Kitchen and Bath Design.

2 Basic Construction Methods for Kitchens and Baths.


Codes and Standards.



ADA-ANSI Standards.

3 Universal and Ergonomic Design.

Definition of Terms.

Assessment Methods and Techniques.

Ergonomic Solutions for Kitchens and Baths.

Ergonomic Storage System.

4 Kitchen Design Basics.

Standard Cabinet Dimensions.

Standard Countertop Dimensions.

Industry Guidelines for Countertop Work Space.

Total Integrated Planning.

Space Planning.


Food Preparation Techniques.

Food Storage.

Plumbing Selections for Kitchens.


Counters and Backsplashes.


Spatial Clearances and ADA Guidelines.

Food Preparation Flow.

Integrating the Kitchen with Living Spaces.

5 Appliances.


Cooking Methods.



Water Appliances.

Coffee Brewing Systems.


6 Cabinetry.

Cabinet Construction Types.

Standard Cabinet Dimensions.

Interior Cabinet Hardware.

Custom Cabinetry.

Adjustability in Cabinetry.

Appliances and Standard Cabinetry.

7 Bath Design Basics.

Information Objectives.

Codes, Clearances, ADA and Universal-Design Bathrooms.

Plumbing Codes.

Electrical Codes.

Basic Bathroom.

Planning Checklist for Bathrooms.

Bathroom Space Planning.

How to Get Started.

Bathroom Electrical.

Selecting Bathroom Fixtures.

Environmental Factors.

Heating and Air Conditioning.

Sound Control.

8 Plumbing.

Plumbing Codes.

9 Electrical and Lighting Basics.

How Electrical Power Is Delivered to the House.

Electrical Terms and Definitions.

Electrical Receptacles.

Electrical Codes and Standards.

Lighting Systems.

10 Mechanical Applications.



Water Heating.


11 Surfaces.

Natural Stone.

Wall Tile.

Floor Coverings.





12 Sustainability.

Kitchen and Bath Projects.

Recycling of Materials.



Energy Conservation.