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Knitting VISUAL Quick Tips

Knitting VISUAL Quick Tips

Sharon Turner

ISBN: 978-1-118-15307-9

Jun 2011

240 pages

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Solutions to common knitting quandaries are at your fingertips--anywhere you go

Knitting VISUAL Quick Tips has the answers you need--fast. With detailed color photos and concise instructions, plus time-saving tips, it covers:

  • Selecting tools and yarn
  • Casting on and binding off
  • Knitting and purling: English and Continental
  • Working cables and bobbles
  • Knitting in the round
  • Shaping
  • Color Knitting
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Finishing
  • Adding decorative details
  • Understanding pattern instructions and charts
1 Knitting Necessities.

Knitting Needles.

Knitting Accessories.

Yarn Types.

Understanding Yarn Labels.

Care Instructions and Symbols.

2 Casting On.

Make a Slipknot.

Simple Cast-On.

Knit Cast-On.

Cable Cast-On.

Long-Tail Cast-On.

Open Cast-On.

3 Knitting, Purling, and Slipping Stitches.

Knit: English Method.

Knit: Continental Method.

Purl: English Method.

Purl: Continental Method.

Slip a Stitch.

Join New Yarn.

4 Binding Off Stitches.

Bind Off Knitwise.

Bind Off Purlwise.

Bind Off in Pattern.

Bind Off in Knitted Cord.

Three-Needle Bind-Off.

5 Correcting Mistakes.

Correct a Twisted Stitch.

Correct an Incomplete Stitch.

Pick Up a Dropped Stitch One Row Below.

Pick Up a Dropped Stitch Several Rows Below.

Pick Up a Dropped Edge Stitch Several Rows Below.

Unravel Stitch by Stitch.

Unravel Row by Row.

6 Reading Written Instructions.

Reading a Knitting Pattern.

Getting to Know Gauge.

Gauge and Stitch Patterns.

Make and Measure a Gauge Swatch.

Sizing in Knitting Patterns.

How to Read Knitting Charts.

7 Stitch Patterns and Maneuvers.

Simple Stitch Patterns.



Knit One in the Row Below.

Knit or Purl Through Back of Loop.

Simple Cables.

8 Knitting in the Round.

Circular Knitting Basics.

Cast On with Circular Needles.

Knit Using Circular Needles.

Cast On with Double-Pointed Needles.

Knit Using Double-Pointed Needles.

Knit in the Round on Two Needles.

Translate Instructions from Flat to Circular.

Work Seamless Stripes in the Round.

Simple Stitch Patterns in the Round.

9 Shaping.

Bar Increase.


Yarn-Over in Stitch Patterns.

Make 1.

Lifted Increases.

Multiple Increases.

Knit or Purl 2 Together.

Knit or Purl 2 Together Through Back of Loop.

Slip, Slip, Knit.

Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass Slipped Stitch Over.

Double Decreases.

Decrease by Binding Off Stitches.

Increase and Decrease Multiple Stitches Across a Row.

Shape with Short-Rowing.

10 Color Knitting.

A Look at Color.

Make Horizontal Stripes.

Fair Isle Knitting.

Weave Yarns in Fair Isle Knitting.

Slip-Stitch Color Knitting.

Intarsia Knitting.

11 Finishing Techniques.

Weave in Ends.

Block Your Knitting.

Sew Seams.

Graft Seams.

Assemble a Sweater.

12 Finishing Details.

Pick Up Stitches.

Button Bands, Neckbands, Plackets, and Collars.

Make Buttonholes.

Reinforce Buttonholes.

Put in a Zipper.

Make Pockets.

Turned Hems.

13 Decorative Details.

Make Pompoms and Tassels.

Add Fringe.

Make a Knitted Ball.

Make a Knitted Flower.

Make Twisted and Knitted Cords.

Fancy Knit Borders and Edgings.

Knitting with Beads.

Crochet Embellishment.

Embroider Your Knitting.

Appendix: Reference Materials.