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Kokoda Trail for Dummies, Australian Edition

Kokoda Trail for Dummies, Australian Edition

Peter Williams

ISBN: 978-0-730-37701-6

Feb 2012

360 pages

Select type: E-Book



Everything you need to know about the Kokoda Trail and its place in Australian history

Interest in the Kokoda Trail is growing rapidly among many Australians, both for its attraction as a hiking destination and for its historical significance. Kokoda For Dummies offers a fast track tool for learning everything you need to know about this unique thoroughfare, in one concise volume. Part history book, part practical guide, Kokoda For Dummies is perfect both for those considering following our Diggers’ footsteps along ‘the track’ or armchair travellers who want to learn about its history.

Covering the full history of the Kokoda Trail, from its beginnings as an overland mail route to the fierce battles between the Australians and the Japanese that took place along its length during World War II, the book also includes important information on walking the trail yourself. From the steps you need to take to get ready to what to bring, Kokoda For Dummies is the definitive resource for anyone looking for a comprehensive overview of this significant landmark.

  • Focuses on walking the track as a pilgrimage and a history lesson for history buffs and hiking enthusiasts alike
  • Covers the health and safety concerns involved with walking the track, including a basic Kokoda itinerary
  • Contains eyewitness accounts of the Kokoda battles gleaned from interviews conducted with Australian and Japanese war veterans

A comprehensive but accessible history of the Kokoda Trail and its significance to Australia, in one volume.

Introduction 1

Part I: The Essentials of Kokoda 7

Chapter 1: Understanding the Significance of the Kokoda Trail 9

Chapter 2: Reasons for Walking the Kokoda Trail 19

Chapter 3: Finding Places of Military Importance 35

Part II: Australians in Retreat 55

Chapter 4: The Pacific War: Setting the Scene 57

Chapter 5: The Papuan Campaign: Spies, Port Moresby and Guadalcanal 69

Chapter 6: Building Up Troops and Assembling the Armies 85

Chapter 7: Making a Fighting Retreat: Kokoda and Deniki 99

Chapter 8: Entering the Mountains 111

Part III: Fighting In the Jungle 125

Chapter 9: Understanding Jungle Warfare 127

Chapter 10: Feeling Hungry and Sick in the Jungle 141

Part IV: Chasing the Japanese Out of Papua 153

Chapter 11: Turning the Tide Against the Japanese 155

Chapter 12: Besieging the Japanese 171

Chapter 13: Defeating the Japanese Army: Why the Allies Won 191

Part V: Walking the Kokoda Trail 203

Chapter 14: Preparing For the Big Walk 205

Chapter 15: Packing Your Kit and Organising the Paperwork 217

Chapter 16: Respecting the Locals and Keeping Yourself Safe 239

Part VI: The Part of Tens 255

Chapter 17: Ten Legends about the Kokoda Trail 257

Chapter 18: Ten Things to Look For On the Kokoda Trail 269

Chapter 19: Ten Veteran Stories 279

Appendix 291

Index 297