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LAN Party: Hosting the Ultimate Frag Fest

LAN Party: Hosting the Ultimate Frag Fest

William Steinmetz

ISBN: 978-0-764-55895-5

Apr 2004

375 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • LAN Party is the first and only book to tap into the growing popularity of LAN parties-literally thousands gather each and every week across the country to duke it out, computer to computer, playing games like Quake, Diablo, and others
  • Players are tired of the slow response of playing games over the Internet, and are gathering in garages, basements, and even large convention centers to play their favorite games head to head
  • Throwing a LAN party is not as easy as it might sound, but author William "The Ferret" Steinmetz knows all the tricks, from setting up PCs to blocking cheaters, managing power drain, and debugging the network
  • No matter if the party is with a few friends, the whole neighborhood, or a large convention, LAN Party will transport the reader to gaming nirvana


Chapter 1: The Elements of a Good LAN Party.

Chapter 2: Setting Your Party’s Parameters.

Chapter 3: Choosing a Site for Your Party.

Chapter 4: The Complete Preparty Timeline.

Chapter 5: Saving Money on Your LAN Party.

Chapter 6: Avoiding Power Failures.

Chapter 7: The Least You Need to Know about Networking.

Chapter 8: Networking for Large Groups and the Internet.

Chapter 9: Sample LAN Party Layouts.

Chapter 10: The Least You Need to Know about Configuring Your Computer.

Chapter 11: Staffing Issues and Common LAN Party Roles.

Chapter 12: Setting Up a Dedicated Game Server.

Chapter 13: The Complete Day-of-the Party Timeline.

Chapter 14: Legal and Safety Issues.

Chapter 15: Something Just Went Wrong! Fixing Party Problems.

Chapter 16: Cool Things to Do at Your LAN Party.

Appendix: The Party Checklists.


“…the ideal guide to kick-starting your network gaming career…” (PC Utilities, July 2004)

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