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LEAPS Trading Strategies: Powerful Techniques for Options Trading Success

LEAPS Trading Strategies: Powerful Techniques for Options Trading Success

Marty Kearney

ISBN: 978-1-592-80043-8

Feb 2003

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Run Time: 82 minutes. Investors are increasingly turning to LEAPS® to combine the advantages of options investing with the benefits and security a longer timeframe offers. Now, the popular Options Industry Council instructor Marty Kearney of the Chicago Board Options Exchange walks you through the inner workings of LEAPS® (Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities), outlining key strategies for incorporating this powerful tool
into your overall investment strategy.

With a comprehensive online support manual, Kearney’s hands-on presentation focuses on a full range of methods for using LEAPS® to reach your investment goals. You’ll learn to use LEAPS® as a substitute for stock ownership, for beefing up your portfolio’s profit picture, and for simultaneously reducing your overall cash outlay. Kearney goes on to detail a variety of advanced strategies for using LEAPS® for everything from producing added monthly income and insuring your portfolio against
market pullbacks, to managing year-end tax consequences and establishing security positions with little risk. Viewers get an invaluable set of strategic lessons for mastering the most effective, most current LEAPS® trading techniques.

Benefit from Kearney’s expertise and insight as he helps you …

  • Identify the key elements involved in determining LEAPS® prices.
  • Understand the confusing nature of LEAPS® symbols & expiration cycles.
  • Deal with time decay - the key to profiting on your options trades.
  • Recognize the advantages of LEAPS® over short-term options.
  • Protect your long positions by “marrying” them to LEAPS® puts.
  • Use LEAPS® to protectively “collar” stock positions at zero cost.

Whether viewed as a stand-alone workshop or a companion to Kearney’s bestselling book, Understanding Leaps, this in-depth presentation puts LEAPS® investing firmly within the grasp of every active investor.