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LSAT® For Dummies®

LSAT® For Dummies®

Amy Hackney Blackwell

ISBN: 978-0-764-57194-7

Oct 2004

384 pages


If you want to be a lawyer, you have to go to law school. And if you want to go to law school, you have to take the LSAT, the standardized test required for all applicants. Though the LSAT is not the most difficult test in the world, it’s also not a walk in the park.

LSAT For Dummies is the ultimate LSAT study guide that shows you how to approach it, tame it, and make it one of the best credentials on your application. Written in a straightforward, down-to-earth format, this hands-on guide will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed. You’ll gain the vital tools you need to:

  • Understand the reasoning behind analytical reasoning
  • Get a handle on logical reasoning
  • Discover the patterns of reasoning questions
  • Work your way out of answer discrepancies
  • Read and understand reading comprehension
  • Flaunt your talent in the writing section
  • Figure out what admissions officers are really looking for
  • Plan you LSAT test-taking tactics

Featured in this must-have guide are plenty of sample problems and solutions for you to take practice swings at, along with two real, full-length LSAT exams. It also provides tried-and-true test-taking tips, common myths about the LSAT, and profiles of the different kinds of law you can practice. With LSAT For Dummies, you’ll find the fun and easy way to score your best and get into the law school of your choice!


Part I: Taking the LSAT Plunge.

Chapter 1: The L Team: The LSAT and Its Sponsors.

Chapter 2: Test-Taking Basics: Setting Yourself Up for Success.

Chapter 3: The Lowdown on Law School Admissions.

Part II: Analytical Reasoning: Players, Rules, and Logic.

Chapter 4: Zen and the Art of Analytical Reasoning.

Chapter 5: Analyze This: A Walk through Four Analytical Reasoning Problems.

Chapter 6: Give It a Try: An LSAT Analytical Reasoning Section.

Chapter 7: The Mysteries of Chapter 6 Solved.

Part III: Logical Reasoning: Arguing Well.

Chapter 8: Stay on Your Toes: The Basics of Logical Reasoning.

Chapter 9: Conclusions, Assumptions, and Flaws in Logical Reasoning Questions.

Chapter 10: Strengthening, Weakening, and Supporting Arguments.

Chapter 11: Patterns of Reasoning, Explanations, and Resolving Discrepancies.

Chapter 12: Be Reasonable! — Logical Reasoning Practice Questions.

Chapter 13: Check Yourself! — Answers and Explanations for Chapter 12.

Part IV: Reading Comprehension: Read ’Em but Don’t Weep.

Chapter 14: Everybody’s Got an Axe to Grind: Reading Comprehension.

Chapter 15: Getting Acquainted with Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions.

Chapter 16: Comprehending the Incomprehensible: Practice Passages and Questions.

Chapter 17: Answers and Explanations for Chapter 16.

Part V: The Writing Sample: No Score but Can Count.

Chapter 18: No Right or Wrong Answers Here: Just Pick a Side.

Chapter 19: Practice Writing Samples.

Part VI: The Real Deal: Full-Length Practice LSATs.

Chapter 20: Some Rainy-Day “Fun”: LSAT Practice Exam 1.

Chapter 21: Practice Exam 1: Answers and Explanations.

Chapter 22: Some More Rainy-Day “Fun”: LSAT Practice Exam 2.

Chapter 23: Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Ten (or So) Habits of Highly Successful LSAT-Takers.

Chapter 25: Ten (Plus One) Myths About the LSAT.

Chapter 26: Ten Kinds of Law You Can Practice.


Bonus Chapter 1
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Bonus Chapter 2
Corrected Chapter 5
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Corrected Chapter 6
Corrected Chapter 7