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LTE-A, WiMAX 2.2 and WLAN (4G/5G): Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis, 2nd Edition

LTE-A, WiMAX 2.2 and WLAN (4G/5G): Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis, 2nd Edition

Leonhard Korowajczuk

ISBN: 978-1-118-89700-3

Apr 2019

850 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The book brings together a number of theoretical topics necessary for the understanding of wireless network design, optimization techniques, and performance analysis and evaluation. The author takes a practical approach in explaining the material presented, the primary aim being to introduce readers to the art of network design, optimization, and performance analysis. To achieve that aim, the author presents the relevant technological background necessary for understanding those processes. Historically, LTE became the technology of choice for large operators, WiMAX the technology of choice of aviation and smart grids whilst WLAN is a strong candidate for becoming the base for the next generation. The offering of three similar (OFDM based) but different technologies led to a marketing war, announcing spectacular performances that made it difficult to separate reality from marketing claims. This welcome Second Edition provides the foundation which allows readers to understand the basic premises of the technology and to distinguish what is a marketing claim and what is possible to obtain in real life. This second edition presents an in-depth analysis of the technologies evolution and considers the proposed path of the next generation (5G) technology.  

The book is structured  into five main parts:
The fundamentals, useful as a refresher and to cover Mathematics Applied to Wireless, Signal Processing Fundamentals, and OFDM;  
The Wireless Communication Channel, an exclusive in-depth analysis which explains the causes and effects of RF impairments;
Data Transmission Protocols Internet History and Modeling, an in-depth examination of data modeling and transmission protocols, including Internet Network, Protocols, Routing, Traffic and Throughput;
4G and 5G Technologies, Network Architectures, Wireless LAN, WiMAX/ WIMAX 2.2, LTE/ LTE-A;
Designing a 4G/5G Wireless Network, including  Preparing a Business Plan, Design Tasks, and Modeling a Wireless Market