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Lacustrine Facies Analysis

Lacustrine Facies Analysis

P. Anadon (Editor), L. L. Cabrera (Editor), K. Kelts (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-30391-9

Apr 2009, Wiley-Blackwell

328 pages

Select type: O-Book


This book considers the deposition of sediments in different types of lakes and shows how changes in the lake environment can be interpreted from the sediment facies at the lake floor. Lakes are particularly sensitive to climate change and thus their sediments are accurate indicators of environmental change and palaeoclimate. This volume examines both ancient and modern lake deposits which is particularly appropriate considering the current widespread interest in global climate change, with particular emphasis on global warming. The book is global in approach and contains fifteen papers from an internationally acclaimed authorship. The volume will be of particular interest to sedimentologists, petroleum geologists, economic geologists and geographers with a particular interest in global climate change
Natural resources in lacustrine basins; Natural resources in the lacustrine facies of the Cenozoic Rift basins of East Africa; Sedimentology of sodium sulphate deposits and special clays from the tertiary Madrid basin (Spain); Lacustrine carbonates: facies models, facies distributions and hydrocarbon aspects; Structural and depositional patterns of the Tertiary Baise basin, Guan Xi autonomous region (southeastern China): a predictive model for fossil fuel exploration; Tertiary lignite bearing lacustrine facies of the Zittau basin: Ohre rift system (Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia); Carbonate and coal deposition in an alluvial-lacustrine setting: Lower Cretaceous (Weald) in the Iberian Range (east-central Spain); Modern processes in East African rift lakes; High-resolution acoustic character of Lake Malawi (Nyasa), East Africa and its relationship to sedimentary processes; Late Pleistocene and recent detrital sedimentation in the deep parts of northern Lake Tanganyika, East African Rift; Shore-zone sedimentation and facies in a closed rift lake: the Holocene beach deposits of Lake Bogoria, Kenya; Stratigraphy and rhythmicity in lacustrine deposits; Ephemeral lakes, mud pellet dunes and wind-blown sand and silt: reinterpretations of Devonian lacustrine cycles in north Scotland; Wave-dominated lacustrine facies and tectonically controlled cyclicity in the Lower Carboniferous horton bluff formation, Nova Scotia, Canada; Rhythically laminated lacustrine carbonates in the Lower Cretaceous of la Serrania de Cuenca basin (Iberian ranges, Spain); Sequential arrangement and asymmetrical fill in the Miocene Rubielos de Mora basin (NE Spain); Geochemistry and organic remains in lacustrine deposits; Evolution of lacustrine systems in the tertiary Narbonne basin, northern Pyrenean foreland, SE France; Organic tissues in Tertiary lacutrine and palustrine rocks from the Jiyang and Pingyi rift depressions, Shandong Province, eastern China
* an international, expert authorship * generously illustrated * a professional reference to the most recent research on lacustrine facies analysis * highly relevant at this time of intense interest in global climate change