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Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior



Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior

Eric V. Holtzclaw

ISBN: 978-1-118-65357-9 June 2013 224 Pages


Marketing and product development best practices for a fragmented economy

The rules for marketing and product development have changed forever. You no longer control where and how consumers receive marketing messages. The consumer is in charge, with ever-growing choices and a shrinking decision window. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what drives customer behavior to design products, marketing, and experiences that will succeed. Laddering explains how to better understand your customers' core values. Learn to ask the right questions from your customers, use it to analyze your data, and unlock the true potential of your product or service.

Use Laddering techniques to map your customer's DNA and understand why consumers buy from you.

  • Helps you look at your customers in a new way and as a result maximize your profits and reduce your support costs
  • Provides a framework for evaluating what marketing messages, campaigns and experiences are appropriate
  • Author Eric V. Holtzclaw is CEO and founder of User Insight, a user experience research firm and Laddering Works, a marketing strategy and consulting firm. His weekly radio show, The 'Better You' Project, shines a spotlight on entrepreneurs' business journeys, his column Lean Forward appears weekly on and he is regularly contributor to

You must understand what is truly important in order to build relationships with consumers and to market for success in the new many-to-many economy. Laddering offers the tools and knowledge you need to thrive.

Preface ix

Chapter 1 History 1

Chapter 2 The Need for Laddering 19

BellSouth Case Study: But Would You? 37

Chapter 3 Laddering Defined 45

Cruise Line Case Study 59

Chapter 4 The Steps to Laddering 65

The Social TV Case Study 80

Chapter 5 Confirming and Fine-Tuning Your Ladders 91

The Social Media Family Case Study 106

Chapter 6 Latticing: Finding the Overlap in Ladders 117

Travel Personas Case Study 135

Chapter 7 Lensing 143

Chapter 8 Practical Application of Laddering 165

BISSELL Word-of-Mouth Marketing Case Study 182

Chapter 9 The Way Forward 189

Index 203