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Lake Champlain in Transition: From Research Toward Restoration

Lake Champlain in Transition: From Research Toward Restoration

Thomas O. Manley (Editor), Patricia L. Manley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66599-2 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 456 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Water Science and Application Series, Volume 1.

Lake Champlain in Transition: From Research Toward Restoration synthesizes research studies on the chemistry, biology, atmospherics, hydrodynamics, hydrology, land use, and management of Lake Champlain and its basin. Additional studies define the cultlural, social, and economic pressures on the lake's ecosystemm. The volume presents research results on lake sediment toxicity and its effect on benthic and aquatic species. Trophic levels were studied, from the impacts of nitrogen and phosphorus on phytoplankton to multiple "trophic cascades" and management implications. Phosphorus loading and subsequent eutrophication was examined by looking at comprehensive loading budgets, a whole-lake mass-balance model, and subsequent management schemes. This comprehensive research effort was undertaken to develop a management plan devoted to preserving the lake ecosystem, and the volume will interest environmental planners and managers as well as limnologists and hydrologists.

Senator Patrick Leahy v

Thomas O. Manley and Patricia L. Manley vii


Current Knowledge of Air Pollution and Air Resource Issues in the Lake Champlain Basin
Timothy D. Scherbatskoy, Richard L. Poirot, Barbara D. B. Stunder, and Richard S. Artz  1

Air Trajectory Pollution Climatology for the Lake Champlain Basin
Richard L. Poirot, Paul Wishinski, Bret Schichtel, and Phil Girton 25


The Hydrology of the Lake Champlain Basin
James B. Shanley and John C. Denner 41


Aspects of Summertime and Wintertime Hydrodynamics of Lake Champlain
T. O. Manley, K. L. Hunkins, J. H. Saylor, G. S. Miller, and P. L. Manley 67

Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Lake Champlain
Kenneth Hunkins, Daniel Mendelsohna, and Tatsu Isaji 117

Gravity Currents and Internal Bores in Lake Champlain
James H. Saylor, Gerald Miller, Kenneth Hunkins, Thomas 0. Manley, and Patricia Manley 135

Sediment Deposition and Resuspensionin Lake Champlain
Patricia L. Manley, Thomas O. Manley, dames H. Saylor, and Kenneth L. Hunkins 157


Response of St. Albans Bay, Lake Champlain, to a Reduction in Point Source Phosphorus Loading
Scott C. Martin, Richard J. Ciotola, Prashant Malla, and Subramanyaraje N. G. Urs 183


Importance of Instream Nutrient Storage to P Export From a Rural, Eutrophic River in Vermont, USA
Deane Wang, Suzanne N. Levine, Donald W. Meals Jr., James P. Hoffmann, John C. Drake, and E. Alan Cassell 205

Slurry Sidedressinagn d TopdressingC an ImproveS oil and Water Quality in the Lake Champlain Basin
Denis Cote, Aubert Michaud, Thi Sen Tran, and Claude Bernard 225


Toxic Substancesin Lake Champlain: An Overview
Alan Mcintosh, Mary Watzin, and John King  239

EcologicaEl ffectso f Sediment-AssociaCteodn taminantisn Inner BurlingtonH arbor, Lake Champlain
J. M. Diamond, A. L. Richardsona, and C. Daley 261

Mercury Cycling and Transport inthe Lake Champlain Basin
James B. Shanley, Andrea F. Donlon, Timothy Scherbatskoy and G erald J. Keeler 277


Lower Trophic Level Interactions in Pelagic Lake Champlain
S. N. Levine, M. A. Borchardt, A. D. Shambaugh, and M. Braner 301

A Survey of Lake Champlain's Plankton
Angela Shambaugh, Alan Duchovnay, and Alan Mcintosh 323

Analysis of Fish DNA Integrity as an Indicator of Environmental Stress
Glenn A. Bauer, Brian T. Dwyer, Brennan J. Leddy, Ryan P . Maynard, and Leah M. Moyer 341

Physiological Indicators of Stress Among Fishes From Contaminated Areas of Lake Champlain
Douglas E. Facey, Cynthia Leclerc, Diana Dunbar, Denise Arruda, Lori Pyzocha, and Vicki Blazer 349


High Rates of Brown-headed Cowbird Occurrencein Champlain Valley Forests:
Conservation Implications for Migratory Songbirds
Steven D. Faccio and Christopher C. Rimruer 361

Research Management of the Common Tern on Lake Champlain, 1987-1997: A Case Study
Mark S. LaBarr and Christopher C. Rimruer 371


Lake Champlain Basin Education and Outreach Programs
Thomas R. Hudspeth and Patricia Straughan 381

Lake Champlain Cultural and Social Resource Management in the 1990s: You Can't
Get Where You're Going Until You Know Where You've Been
Susan Bulmer, Art Cobh, and Ann Cousins 389


Economic Analysis of Lake Champlain Protection and Restoration
Timothy Holmes, Anthony Artuso, and Douglas Thomas 397


Watershed Management at a Crossroads: Lessons Learned and New Challenges
Following Seven Years of Cooperation Through the Lake Champlain Basin Program
Lee Steppacher and Eric Perkins 419

Phosphorus Management in Lake Champlain
Eric Smeltzer 435

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