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Lamentations Through the Centuries

Lamentations Through the Centuries

Paul M. Joyce, Diana Lipton

ISBN: 978-1-118-41436-1

Mar 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

232 pages


Covering a rich landscape of literary, theological and cultural creativity, the authors explore the astonishing variety of interpretations inspired by Lamentations, one of the shortest books in the Bible.
  • Features a wealth of reactions – covering two and a half millennia – to this ancient text's influential and unflinching account of the devastation wreaked by war
  • Explores a kaleidoscope of examples ranging from the Dead Sea Scrolls; Yehudah Halevy; John Calvin; and composer, Thomas Tallis; through to the startling interpretations of Marc Chagall; contemporary novelist, Cynthia Ozick; and Zimbabwean junk sculpture
  • Deploys ""reception exegesis"", a new genre of commentary that creatively blends reception history and biblical exegesis
  • Offers sensitive treatment of challenging theological and psychological responses to one of the most disturbing books of the Hebrew Bible
  • Widely relevant, with nuanced reflections – both religious and secular – on human suffering and the disasters of war

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is informative, thought-provoking, and –despite being a commentary – holds the reader’s attention. It made me appreciateLamentations in a new way. To be recommended.”  (The Swedish Exegetical Yearbook 2014, 1 October 2014)