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Landlording on Autopilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches

Landlording on Autopilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches

Mike Butler

ISBN: 978-1-119-10873-3

Mar 2017

264 pages



Discover how Mike Butler managed 75 rental properties while working full-time as a police detective--before he hired any part-time help

For many investors, landlording is a pain, but not for those who use Mike Butler's Landlording on Autopilot system. It's a simple, proven method for managing rental properties in your spare time--without the headaches. Mike Butler developed this system while he worked full time as a police officer. Before long, he was buying and managing dozens of properties--and consistently bringing in more than 100% of his rents.

Includes free customizable, downloadable forms!

Butler shares all the vital techniques of autopilot landlording:
* Screening and finding great tenants you can trust
* Training tenants to do your landlording work for you
* Increasing your cash flow with a simple push-button management system
* Using little-known tax breaks available to full-time or part-time landlords
* Easily complying with landlording regulations and legal stuff you might not think of
* Identifying the most profitable types of properties
* Marketing and advertising your properties at little or no cost
* Utilizing powerful, ready-to-use landlording forms
* Getting rid of bad tenants quickly, safely, and cheaply when buying properties
* Using creative tactics to consistently bring in more than 100% of the rent

Once you've learned Mike Butler's system, you'll make more money in less time with less effort. Today, Mike Butler is retired from the police force and enjoys more than $1 million a year from his rental properties. Using the techniques and strategies of Landlording on Autopilot will help you achieve your dreams.
List of Downloadable Forms.




Chapter 1. My Amazing Discovery: A No-Nonsense Plan for Getting Rich in Real in Real Estate.

Chapter 2. The Hidden Tax Benefits, Especially If You Have a Job.

Chapter 3. What is Best? Houses, Apartments, Commercial Property, or Dirt?

Chapter 4. Never Call Yourself a Landlord.

Chapter 5. Your Tenants Are Not Your Customers.

Chapter 6. The Many Hats You Wear As An Investor.

Chapter 7. Laws—Common Sense Is Not Allowed.

Chapter 8. CYA—Covering Your ASSets.


Chapter 9. Marketing and Advertising, Including a Zero-Dollar Budget.

Chapter 10. What To Do When You Have Too Many Units, Not Enough Tenants.

Chapter 11. Your Answering Service.

Chapter 12. Your Application is Your Crystal Ball.

Chapter 13. Submitting the Application is Your First Critical Step.

Chapter 14. Protect Yourself by Never Disqualifying An Applicant.

Chapter 15. After Three Years, March 31 is a Good Money Day.

Chapter 16. Let's Have A Little Rent Talk First.

Chapter 17. The Cookie Cutter Move In and Paper-Signing Process.

Chapter 18. You Really Can Teach Pigs To Sing.

Chapter 19. Removing Bad Apples the Safe Way.

Chapter 20. You Really Can Get Over 100% Of Your Rents.

Chapter 21. Increasing Your Cash Flow.

Chapter 22. Giving Your Tenant a Project Can Be a Good Thing.

Chapter 23. Mike's Move-Out Package Make You Money.

Chapter 24. Landlording on Auto-Pilot Tool Box.


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