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Language, Mind, and Ontology, Volume 12


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Language, Mind, and Ontology, Volume 12

James Tomberlin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21207-2 December 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 540 Pages


Published annually, this book brings together original and first-rate articles written by leading scholars in the field of philosophy.
Part I: The Sixth Philosophical Perspectives Lecture: .

Computer Proof, Apriori Knowledge, and Other Monds: Tyler Burge.

Part II: Intensionality and Intentionality: .

Teh Subject Verb Object Class I: Joseph Almog.

The Subject Verb Object Class II: Joseph Almog.

Why Holism is Harmless and Necessary: Akeel Bilgrami.

Actions, Norms, and Practical Reasoning: Robert Brandom.

Semantics for Opaque Contexts: Kirk Ludwig and Greg Ray.

Proportionality and Mental Causation: A Fit?: Matthew McGrath.

Part III: Language, Ontology and Truth:.

Identity and General Similarity: Harry Deutsch.

Reference and Description Revisited: Frank Jackkson.

Some Reflections on the Sport of Language: Mark Norris Lance.

Three Norms of Assertibility, or How the MOA Became Extinct: Huw Price.

Commitment: Mark Richard.

Part IV: Rule-Following:.

Rules and Powers: C. B. Martin and John Neil.

Facts, Truth Conditions, and the Skeptical Solution to the Rule-Following Paradox. Part V: The Nature of the Mental. .

Numbers, Minds, and Bodies: A Fresh Look at Mind-Body Dualism: John O'Leary-Hawthorne and Jeffrey K. McDonough.

Mind the Gap: David Papineau.

The Boadness of the Mental: Some logical Considerations: Timothy Williamson.

Part VI: Consciousness and Qualia: A Symposium: .

The Division of Phenomenal Labor: A Problem for Representational Theories of Consciousness.

A Narrow Representationalist Account of Qualitative Experience: Georges Rey.

Inverted Earth, Swampman, and Representationism: Michael Tye.

In Defense of the Representational Theory of Qualia (Replies to Neander, Rey, and Tye): William G. Lycan.

Part VII: Naturalism and Actualism: An Exchange: .

Naturalism, Actualism, and Ontology: James E. Tomberlin.

Putting Metaphysics First: A Response to James Tomberlin.

Actualism, Quantification, and Contextual Semantics: Terence Horgan.