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Languages in Britain and Ireland



Languages in Britain and Ireland

Glanville Price

ISBN: 978-0-631-21580-6 October 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


This book builds on the success of Glanville Price's The Languages of Britain, published in 1984, which was widely acclaimed as the most lively, reliable and comprehensive survey of the great number of languages that have at one time or another taken root in Britain.
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Note on References.


1. Prehistoric Britain. (Glanville Price).

2. Irish in Ireland. (Cathair Ó Dochartaigh).

3. Irish in Early Britain. (Glanville Price).

4. Scottish Gaelic. (Kenneth MacKinnon).

5. Manx. (Robert L. Thomson).

6. British. (Glanville Price).

7. Welsh. (Janet Davies).

8. Cornish. (Philip Payton).

9. Cumbric. (Glanville Price).

10. Pictish. (Glanville Price).

11. Latin. (Glanville Price).

12. English. (Glanville Price).

13. Scots. (Jeremy J. Smith).

14. Norse and Norn. (Michael P. Barnes).

15. Flemish in Wales. (Lauran Tourians).

16. French in the Channel Islands. (Glanville Price).

17. Anglo-Norman. (D. A. Trotter).

18. Romani. (Glanville Price).

19. Community Languages. (Viv Edwards).