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Laparoscopic Liver, Pancreas, and Biliary Surgery, Textbook and Illustrated Video Atlas



Laparoscopic Liver, Pancreas, and Biliary Surgery, Textbook and Illustrated Video Atlas

Claudius Conrad (Editor), Brice Gayet (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-78114-2 November 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 504 Pages

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Laparoscopic Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Surgery: Textbook and Illustrated Video Atlas is the perfect learning tool for all surgeons managing patients requiring advanced liver, pancreas and biliary surgery minimally invasively.

This highly immersive text and video atlas will provide surgeons from trainee to advanced levels of practice, including, general surgeons, hepato-pacreatico-biliary surgeons, transplant surgeons and surgical oncologists, with a step-by-step, multi-media teaching atlas on performing laparoscopic liver surgery, anatomically correct, safely and effectively.

The atlas will teach the surgeons to perform anatomic liver resections of each liver segment expertly and logically, and will cover lobectomies, extended resections, advanced laparoscopic pancreas surgery (including Whipple) and other procedures. A special emphasis is placed on reproducibility of excellence in surgical technique.

Each video will be supported by outstanding illustrations for each technique and 3D renderings of the relevant anatomy. The educational step-by step high-definition videos teach everything you need to know, including critical aspects like patient positioning, port placement, dissection and much more.

Led by the pioneers in laparoscopic liver, pancreas and biliary surgery, Brice Gayet and Claudius Conrad, the textbook-chapters will be authored by world experts and will contain surgical tips and tricks garnered from their unique experiences, to improve care, management of complications, relevant society guidelines and excellence in oncologic care for patients with hepato-pancreato-biliary cancers.

List of contributors, vii

Foreword by Norihiro Kokudo, xi

Foreword by Keith D. Lillemoe, xii

Foreword by Jean-Nicolas Vauthey, xiii

Preface by Brice Gayet, xv

Preface by Claudius Conrad, xvii

Acknowledgments, xix

About the companion website, xxi

Part I: Textbook

Section 1: General considerations for advanced laparoscopic hepatopancreatobiliary surgery

1 The development of minimal access hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, 3
Ruchir Puri, Nicolas Paleari, John Stauffer, and Horacio J. Asbun

2 Acquisition of specific laparoscopic skills for laparoscopic hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, 17
Soeren Torge Mees and Guy Maddern

3 Optimal operating room set-up and equipment used in laparoscopic hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, 28
Satoshi Ogiso, Kenichiro Araki, Brice Gayet, and Claudius Conrad

4 Augmented reality for laparoscopic liver surgery, 47
Kate Gavaghan, Matteo Fusaglia, Matthias Peterhans, and Stefan Weber

5 Imaging of hepatopancreatobiliary diseases, 62
Motoyo Yano, Hillary Shaw, and Kathryn J. Fowler

6 Role of staging laparoscopy in hepatopancreatobiliary malignancies, 85
Anil K. Agarwal, Raja Kalayarasan, and Amit Javed

7 Interventional radiology in the management of hepatopancreatobiliary malignancy and surgical complications, 100
Steven Y. Huang and Michael J. Wallace

8 Robotic hepatopancreatic surgery, 120
Hop S. Tran Cao, Claudius Conrad, and Matthew H.G. Katz

9 Enhanced recovery after hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, 141
David Fuks, Thomas A. Aloia, and Brice Gayet

Section 2: Advanced laparoscopic hepatobiliary surgery

10 Relevant hepatobiliary anatomy, 148
Tadatoshi Takayama, Masatoshi Makuuchi, and Kimitaka Kogure

11 Anesthesia for laparoscopic liver surgery, 169
Jonathan A. Wilks and Vijaya N.R. Gottumukkala

12 Oncological management of primary liver cancer in the era of minimal access surgery, 185
Jennifer Chan

13 Oncological management of colorectal liver metastases in the era of minimal access surgery, 200
Jennifer Chan

14 Resection of noncolorectal liver metastases, 214
Universe Leung and William R. Jarnagin

15 Intraoperative laparoscopic ultrasound for laparoscopic hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, 231
Kenichiro Araki and Claudius Conrad

16 Minimally invasive liver surgery: indications and contraindications, 238
Thomas A. Aloia

17 Laparoscopy (hybrid) and hand-assisted laparoscopy in liver surgery: why, when, and how? 250
Yasushi Hasegawa and Go Wakabayashi

18 Ablation strategies for tumors of the liver and pancreas, 257
Danielle K. DePeralta and Kenneth K. Tanabe

19 Technical considerations for advanced laparoscopic liver resection, 273
Ho-Seong Han

20 Laparoscopic left lateral sectionectomy and left hepatectomy for living donation, 278
Claire Goumard and Olivier Scatton

Section 3: Advanced laparoscopic pancreas surgery

21 Pancreatic anatomy in the era of extensive and less invasive surgery, 287
Yoshihiro Sakamoto, Yoshihiro Mise, and Norihiro Kokudo

22 Management of solid and cystic lesions of the pancreas, 298
David Fogelman and Robert A. Wolff

23 Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery, 322
Daniel Richard Rutz and David A. Kooby

24 Indications and contraindications for laparoscopic pancreas surgery, 337
Hanno Niess and Jens Werner

Part II: Video Atlas

List of Part II Video and Figure Abbreviations, 350

Section 1: Liver

Laparoscopic minor liver resection and segmentectomy

1 Intraoperative ultrasonography for safe laparoscopic livery surgery, 351

2 Left lateral sectionectomy, 355

3 Left lateral sectionectomy using a laparoscopic single access device, 360

4 Segmentectomy I with resection of inferior vena cava, 364

5 Segmentectomy IV, 369

6 Segmentectomy IVa, 375

7 Segmentectomy IVb, 382

8 Bisegmentectomy IVb and V, 386

9 Segmentectomy VI, 392

10 Segmentectomy VII, 396

11 Segmentectomy VIII (transthoracic access), 400

Laparoscopic major liver resection

12 Left hepatectomy, 405

13 Right hepatectomy, 410

14 Left trisegmentectomy with caudate lobectomy, 416

15 Right trisegmentectomy, 422

16 Posterior sectionectomy, 427

17 Hilar lymphadenectomy (with right hepatectomy and caudate lobectomy for Klatskin tumor), 431

18 Mesohepatectomy, 438

Laparoscopic living donor liver transplantation

19 Living donor left lateral sectionectomy, 442

Section 2: Pancreas

Laparoscopic splenic resection

20 Total splenectomy, 447

21 Partial splenectomy, 449

Laparoscopic pancreas resection

22 Pancreatic enucleation, 451

23 Cystgastrostomy, 453

24 Distal pancreaticosplenectomy, 455

25 Spleen-preserving pancreatectomy of the body and tail, 457

26 Pancreaticoduodenectomy, 460

Afterword by Beat Müller-Stich, Adrian T. Billeter, and Markus W. Büchler, 465

Afterword by Pierre-Alain Clavien, 467

Index, 469

"This is a fantastic resource. It is thorough in its discussion of the pertinent anatomy and the accompanying videos help to further describe these often daunting operative approaches...Given the increasing emphasis on laparoscopy, this is a timely addition to the literature and an excellent resource for hepatobiliary surgeons." (Doody Enterprises 21/04/2017)

"This textbook is a great learning tool for surgeons interested in laparoscopic hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery. It has a unique mix of chapters and videos that are relevant to surgeons at all levels of experience in the field. The focus of the book is on what skills are needed to develop and improve laparoscopic HPB techniques. Importantly, the text stresses the need for in-depth knowledge of open HPB surgery before tackling advanced laparoscopic cases...The editors have provided helpful commentary with each chapter to alert the reader to the key messages for each selected topic. One of the highlights of the book is the online videos that provide examples of most liver, pancreas, and spleen resections. These videos include narration and schematics to demonstrate port placement. The editorial team pairs a senior HPB surgeon with a more junior HPB surgeon, creating a book with a wide audience.....This book is also useful for surgeons with some laparoscopic HPB experience who are interested in expanding theri practice...Overall, this book is worth the investment for surgeons interested in expanding their laparoscopic HPB surgery capabilities" (Journal Annals of Surgery 25th July 2017)

Laparoscopic Liver, Pancreas, and Biliary Surgery book companion site

On this site you will find Videos with:

  • • transcription
  • • critical anatomy pictures
  • • port positioning
  • • important intraoperative pictures
  • • important points Companion Site