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Laptops All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies



Laptops All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Corey Sandler

ISBN: 978-0-470-38399-5 August 2008 840 Pages


  • Builds on the huge success of Laptops For Dummies, now in its second edition
  • Eight minibooks comprising nearly 850 pages give laptop owners the detailed information and advice they need to make the most of their computers
  • Offers focused content for new and intermediate laptop users, covering laptop basics and beyond, from synchronizing information with a desktop PC and coordinating e-mail between two computers to accessing the Internet or a desktop computer remotely
  • Minibooks include laptop basics, software for laptops, accessories to go, traveling with a laptop, security, networking a laptop, sources of power, and upgrading a laptop
  • Sales of laptops continue to outpace sales of desktop PCs, with retail laptop sales up 24 percent in the 2006 holiday season

Book I: Choosing the Best Laptop.

Chapter 1: Knowing What You Want, Getting What You Need.

Chapter 2: Touring a Modern Laptop.

Chapter 3: Microprocessors, Memory, and Operating Systems.

Chapter 4: Doing It Yourself versus Calling in the Cavalry.

Book II: Setting Up Your Laptop.

Chapter 1: Installing or Upgrading an Operating System.

Chapter 2: Painting Flames on the Operating System: Customizing.

Chapter 3: Transferring Settings, E-mail, and Documents.

Chapter 4: Managing Files, Folders, Extensions.

Book III: Running Basic Windows Operations.

Chapter 1: Opening Windows.

Chapter 2: Using Built-in Windows Applications and Gadgets.

Chapter 3: Windows Maintenance Utilities.

Chapter 4: Honk, Honk! Windows Backup and Restore Utilities.

Book IV: Using Common Applications.

Chapter 1: Writing Documents.

Chapter 2: Crunching Data with Spreadsheets.

Chapter 3: Presenting Yourself with PowerPoint Professionalism.

Chapter 4: Checking Your Calendar.

Book V: Playing with Multimedia.

Chapter 1: Walking Through Windows Media Playe.

Chapter 2: Feeling the Music, Seeing the Stream.

Chapter 3: Hamming It Up for the Webcam.

Chapter 4: Gaming with a Laptop.

Book VI: Managing Your Power Supply.

Chapter 1: Using Your Power for Good Purposes.

Chapter 2: Replacing or Upgrading Your Power Source.

Chapter 3: Power-Management Utilities.

Book VII: Upgrading Your Laptop.

Chapter 1: Adding RAM.

Chapter 2: Adding or Replacing a Drive: Internal, External, CD, or DVD.

Chapter 3: Changing Your Input and Output Options.

Chapter 4: Going External with Printer, Network, and Special Peripherals.

Book VIII: Networking and Linking to the Internet.

Chapter 1: Networking with Other Machines.

Chapter 2: Managing a Windows Network.

Chapter 3: Going Wireless.

Chapter 4: Spinning the Web.

Chapter 5: Exchanging E-mail, IMs, and Newsgroups.

Chapter 6: Communicating with VoIP.

Book IX: Protecting Your Laptop.

Chapter 1: Traveling with a Laptop.

Chapter 2: Guarding Against Intruders.

Book X: Troubleshooting Common Problems.

Chapter 1: Sweating the Hard(ware) Stuff.

Chapter 2: Knowing When Good Software Goes Bad.


"…this title consists of eight mini-books giving laptop owners the detailed information and advice they need…" (Publishing News, Fri 14th March 2008)