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Late Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysis

Late Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysis

Bernhard Rieger (Editor), Lisa Saunders Baugh (Editor), Smita Kacker (Editor), Susanne Striegler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60526-2

Mar 2006

345 pages

Select type: E-Book



At the start of the 1950s, Ziegler and Natta discovered that simple metallorganic catalysts are capable of transforming olefins into linear polymers with highly ordered structures. This pioneering discovery was recognized with a Nobel Prize in 1963. In the 80s and 90s, the development of molecular defined metallocenes led to a renaissance for non-polar polyolefin materials. Designer catalysts allowed a greater precision in defining properties of the material.
The past 10 years have seen the discovery of new catalysts based on late transition metals, which allow the combination of polar monomers with non-polar olefins and thus lead to innovative materials. Here, the world's leading authors from industry and academia describe the latest developments in this fascinating field for the first time in such comprehensive detail. In so doing, they introduce readers systematically to the basic principles and show how these new catalysts can effectively be used for polymerization reactions. This makes the book an ideal and indispensable reference for specialists, advanced students, and scientists of various disciplines dealing with research into catalysts and materials science.
Pd(II)-complexes, branched PE, C2/acrylate-copolymers
Novel bridged Zn-complexes for CO2/epoxide copolymerization
chiral alken/CO-copolymers and catalysts
CO2/epoxide copolymers, unbridged Zn-complexes
Polyamides by metal catalysis
Technical problems of CO/alkene copolymers
Penta-coordinated Fe, CO-complexes for C2-polymerization
Norbornene-insertion polymerization - polymer products
Industrial applications of Pd(II) imin complexes and polymer products
aluminium complexes for C2 polymerization
Unsymmetric diimine complexes
Branched C2-polymers vs. C2/higher olefin-copolymers
diimine complexes with chiral backbone
polar olefin copolymers
Novel approaches to combine catalysts
Spieder-like polyketones or novel super-active diimine complexes
Norbornene-insertion polymerization - catalysts or Pd(II)-catalyzed cyclopropene polymerization
Novel catalysts for linear homo- and copolymers
New polymers from polar monomers
"Das Buch kann allen an der Polymerisationskatalyse interessierten Wissenschaftlern sehr empfohlen werden...Ein gelungenes und sehr aktuelles Werk!"
Angewandte Chemie, 2003, 30