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Law & Policy

Law & Policy


International and interdisciplinary in scope, Law & Policy embraces varied research methodologies that interrogate law, governance, and public policy worldwide.

Law & Policy makes a vital contribution to the current dialogue on contemporary policy by publishing innovative, peer-reviewed articles on such critical topics as:

• government and self-regulation
• health
• environment
• family
• gender
• taxation and finance
• legal decision-making
• criminal justice
• human rights

The following excerpt is taken from an essay presented at the Midwest Political Science Association, April, 2005 by Lynn Mather, Director, Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy. The essay was also published in the summer 2005 issue of Law and Courts Newsletter.

“A … feature of the journal is its international scope and focus. Law & Policy has an excellent record of publishing research by non-U.S. based scholars; about 40 percent of the contributors in the last five years have come from outside the United States, with particularly strong representation of authors from Britain, Australia, and Canada. The journal also frequently features comparative analyses of legal policy issues. Examples include special issues of the journal devoted to regulation and enforcement in the U.S. and Japan; marriage and cohabitation policy in the North America and the U.K.; law, technology, and development; and lay participation in the legal system in Spain, Russia, and elsewhere. The journal is committed to a global perspective in its scholarship and this has led to a strong international readership.”