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Law for Doctors

Wai-Ching Leung

ISBN: 978-0-470-69846-4 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 200 Pages


This is a guide for all doctors - GPs and hospital doctors alike, on the law and how it affects them. It is a practical guide, and it approaches its subject with the use of realistic scenarios throughout. These relevant case histories are used as a basis for discussion and explanation of the legal implications of a doctors actions. Guidelines for best practice are given.

This is not a theoretical book. Its aim is to give the reader an understanding of the way in which they may be legally challenged as health professionals, and how to minimize this risk. Unlike many law books, "Law for Doctors" assumes little or no knowledge of law and legal terms.


Part I: Health Professionals and Patients.

1: Consent to Medical Treatment.

2: Treatment of the Mentally Ill Patients.

3: Confidentiality.

4: Access to Personal Medical Information.

5: Abortion.

6: Legal Issues Relating to Symptom Relief for Terminally Ill Patients.

Part II: Legal Settings in Which Health Professionals Actions May be Challenged.

7: Introduction to the Different Legal Settings in which Health Professionals Actions May be Challenged.

8: The NHS Compaints Procedure and the NHS Ombudsman.

9: Professional Negligence.

10: Vicarious Liabilities.

11: Product Liability.

12: The Professional Bodies.

13: Relationships between Employers and Employees.

14: Health and Safety Issues.

Part III: Legal Procedures.

15: Death Certificates, Coroners and Inquests.

16: Research and Publications.

17: Writing Medico-Legal Reports and Giving Evidence in Court.


* case histories
* discussion of basic principles illustrated by the case histories with emphasis on practical issues
* comprehensive coverage of topics of practical importance
* summary of key points at the end of each chapter
* good accessibility to non-legally trained doctors