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Lawn Care For Dummies

Lawn Care For Dummies

Lance Walheim, The National Gardening Association

ISBN: 978-0-764-55077-5 January 1998 368 Pages


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Only one thing is standing between you and a fabulous lawn: It's called Lawn Care For Dummies. If you want a spiffy and well-coifed lawn (and not the overgrown, unruly one that people comment on when they pass by your house), you'll find everything you need to know to help you make your lawn the most dazzling spectacle on the block.

Let authors Lance Walheim and the gardening experts at the National Gardening Association treat you and your yard to a megadose of lawn care information. In Lawn Care For Dummies, Walheim and the NGA give you the dirt on all the essentials, including how to
* Design a low-maintenance or a high-maintenance lawn
* Evaluate the pros and cons of planting a lawn from seed or starting one from sod
* Discover how often you need to water your lawn without under-watering it or waterlogging it
* Choose a mower that's right for your grass type
* Deal effectively with wicked weeds and pesky insects
* Create alternative lawns, such as ground cover plants, decks, and patios
Lawn Care For Dummies also features a beautiful color insert with photos illustrating the various types of lawns found in yards across the world.

PART I: Planning Your Perfect Lawn.

Chapter 1: Designing Your Perfect Lawn.

Chapter 2: Cool-Season Grasses: The Grasses of the North.

Chapter 3: The Warm-Season Grasses.

Chapter 4: Lawn Climates, Big and Small.

PART II: Getting Ready to Plant.

Chapter 5: Preparing to Plant.

Chapter 6: Increasing Your Soil Sense.

Chapter 7: Installing an Irrigation System.

PART III: Planting a Lawn.

Chapter 8: Planting a Lawn from Seed.

Chapter 9: Starting a Lawn from Sod.

Chapter 10: Planting Sprigs, Stolons, and Plugs.

PART IV: Showing Your Lawn That You Care.

Chapter 11: Watering Lawns.

Chapter 12: Fertilizing Lawns.

Chapter 13: Lawn Mowing.

Chapter 14: Dethatching, Aerating, and Renovating.

PART V: Battling the Lawn Invaders.

Chapter 15: Weed Wars.

Chapter 16: Insect Invaders.

Chapter 17: Disturbing Diseases.

Chapter 18: Other Lawn Problems.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Lawn Alternatives.

Chapter 20: Ten Top Lawn Trees and How to Care for Them.

Chapter 21: (Almost) Ten Things to Do or Not to Do with Lawn Clippings.

Chapter 22: Ten Things to Do with Your Lawn During Drought.

Chapter 23: Ten Lawn Games.

Chapter 24: Ten Weird Things You Can Do with Lawns and Lawn Grasses.

Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Deal with Leaves.

PART VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Sources for Lawn Care Products.

Appendix B: Lawn Information Sources.