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Laws of the Markets

Laws of the Markets

Michel Callon (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20608-8

Oct 1998, Wiley-Blackwell

288 pages

Select type: Paperback


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With the collapse of the planned economies of Eastern Europe, the market is extending its reach and at the same time claiming its universal applicability.
1. On the Role of Accounting in the Structuring of Economic Behaviours: Peter Miller (The London School of Economics and Political Science).

2. Title not yet available: Michel Callon: (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines, Paris).

3. Does the State make the Market or the Market, the State? The Cosmologies of Railroad Kings in the United States and France: Frank Dobbin (Princeton University, USA).

4. The Proliferation of Social Currencies: V. Zelizer (Princeton University, USA).

5. Markets as Institutions: An Ethnographic Approach: Mitchel Abolafia (State University of New York).

6. The Contribution of Social Sciences to the Construction of Markets: The Case of Marketing: Frank Cochoy (Uiversiti de Toulouse).

7. Karl Polanyi Revisited: On the Great Transformation: Bruno Latour (Ecole des mines de Paris).

8. On the Constructions of Boundaries between the State and the Market: John Law (Keele University, UK).

9. The Politics of Industrial Policy and the Non-Market Governance Structure: The Case of Japan: Bai Gao (Duke University, USA).

10. How Economists Contribute to the Construction of Markets: The Case of the Cement Industry: Hervi Dumez and A. Jeunemaitre (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris).

11. Shifting Boundaries and Social Construction in the Early Electricity Industry 1876-1910: Mark Granovetter (Stanford University, USA).

12. Recombinant Property in Eastern European Capitalism: David Stark (Cornell University, USA).


* The first book exploring the role of the social sciences in the construction of markets.
* Each chapter presents empirical material together with theoretical insights.
* A systematic survey of literature with political relevance.