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Lead-Zinc 2000

Lead-Zinc 2000

J. E. Dutrizac (Editor), J. A. Gonzalez (Editor), D. M. Henke (Editor), S. E. James (Editor), A. H-J. Siegmund (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-80353-0

Sep 2013

1308 pages

Select type: E-Book



The Lead-Zinc 2000 Symposium is the fourth in the series of decennial conferences on the processing of lead and zinc; it isorganized by the Minerals, Metals and MaterialsSociety (TMS). The Symposium the culmination of over two years of work that included the preparation of the papers by the authors, as well as the refereeing, proof-reading and indexing by the editors. The proceedings volume contains sixty-four papers which cover all aspects of lead and zinc processing, including the global business trends of the metals, plant operations, new processing installations, emerging technologies and environmental considerations. The Lead-Zinc 2000 Symposium will also honor Dr. T.R.A. Davey for his many contributions to metallurgical science and the industry throughout his distinguished career.