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Leadership Experiences in Asia: Insights and Inspirations from 20 Innovators

Leadership Experiences in Asia: Insights and Inspirations from 20 Innovators

Steven J. DeKrey (Editor), David M. Messick (Editor), Charles A. Anderson (With)

ISBN: 978-0-470-82268-5

Aug 2007

256 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This is truly a unique book on leadership in Asia: lessons from experiences and voices from the field. It offers valuable experiencebased lessons and insights for global leaders who aspire to make a difference and an impact in the global arena.--Katherine Xin, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Business Review (China),
Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD

For a born-and-bred American, this wonderful new book is all about nuances--the subtle differences that enrich the practice of leadership in Asia. The many stories throughout this book provide the rich texture of leadership in Asia, simultaneously revealing the commonalities of leadership around the world and the beautiful adjustments we all must make to be effective in our own locales.--J. Keith Murnighan, Harold H. Hines Jr., Distinguished Professor of Management and Organization, Department of Management and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

I can think of nothing more important to business leaders of today and tomorrow than the lessons of leadership presented in this book. Learning how to lead an organization in the most dynamic region of the world--Asia--from those who have mastered the art, is invaluable. This is highly recommended reading.--Jim Thompson, Chairman, Crown Worldwide Group

Leadership is perhaps the greatest challenge of any business career. But how should a leader behave in the Asian cultural context? How to navigate differing behavioral norms or deal with the ethical issues that can arise? These are some of the themes of Leadership Experiences in Asia. In its pages, business leaders from East and West share their experiences of Asia's unique leadership challenge. Whether you are a seasoned Asian business leader or on your first assignment to Asia, I can think of no better insight into thepractical issues of leadership in the Asian context.--Lawrence T. Wong, Former CEO, Hong Kong Jockey Club

There are countless books that simply expound a single theory or narrow approach to the leadership process. This path-breaking collection, in contrast, provides a rich and diverse set of crucial experiences by major leaders--as well as insightful analyses by leading scholars with expertise on this vitally important topic. The chapters are not only compelling in their own right as gripping stories, but also contain a great deal of more general practical advice and wisdom. This book will no doubt become a vital resource and standard reference for practitioners who hope to navigate effectively in Asian markets.--Roderick M. Kramer, William R. Kimball Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Chapter One: Join the Leaders (Steven J. DeKrey).

Chapter Two: When East Meets West (Steve Beason, Mark Knief and Chien Kwok).

Chapter Three: Challenges in the World's Factory (Cassian Cheung).

Chapter Four: Talent Development Begins at the Top (Scott L. Summerville).

Chapter Five: Leadership by Example (Winnie Chow, Katsuhiko Dendo,
Sean Kuan-Thye, Billy Liew, Sophia Wong and David Zhang).

Chapter Six: The Ethics of Leadership - Part One (David M. Messick).

Chapter Seven: The Ethics of Leadership - Part Two (David M. Messick).

Chapter Eight: The Ethics of Leadership - Part Three (David M. Messick).

Chapter Nine: China's Human Resources Challenge (William B Johnson).

Chapter Ten: The Indian Experience (Shailendra Jain).

Chapter Eleven: The Lessons Learned (Steven J. DeKrey).

Addendum: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Case Study (Elizabeth Weldon).