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Leadership Networking: Connect, Collaborate, Create

Leadership Networking: Connect, Collaborate, Create

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Curt Grayson (Contributions by), David Baldwin (Contributions by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-15534-9

Aug 2011, Pfeiffer

32 pages


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Networking is essential to effective leadership in today's organizations. Leaders who are skilled networkers have access to people, information, and resources to help solve problems and create opportunities. Leaders who neglect their networks are missing out on a critical component of their role as leaders. This book will help leaders take a new view of networking and provide insight into how to enhance their networks and become effective at leadership networking.
7 Networking for Leaders

10 Mapping Your Network

11 Six Requirements of Leadership Networking

16 Barriers to Building a Leadership Network

20 Assessing Your Network

25 Strategies for Developing Your Leadership Network

28 Setting Goals and Taking Action

30 Suggested Readings

30 Background

31 Key Point Summary