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Leadership Solutions: The Pathway to Bridge the Leadership Gap



Leadership Solutions: The Pathway to Bridge the Leadership Gap

David S. Weiss, Vince Molinaro, Liane Davey

ISBN: 978-0-470-15875-3 July 2010 Jossey-Bass 320 Pages


An organizational guide to assessing, measuring, and building leadership capacity

Leadership capacity has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage in today's economy. But many organizations struggle to develop the capacity they need to succeed. This book offers concrete and precise strategies to close the leadership gap. It explains in detail how to conduct a leadership analysis, determining exactly where the gaps are in both organizational and individual leadership; analyzes the challenges a company faces; helps in understanding an organization's leadership deficit; and generates leadership solutions tailored to the organization's particular needs and shortcomings.

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Part One: Leadership.

Chapter 1. The Leadership Gap Persists.

Chapter 2. Leadership Capacity.

Chapter 3. The Three Dimensions of Leadership Capacity.

Chapter 4. The Individual Leader Dimension: The Holistic View of Leadership.

Chapter 5. The Individual Leader Dimension: The Five Capabilities of Holistic Leaders.

Chapter 6. The Organizational Practices Dimension.

Chapter 7. The Leadership Culture Dimension.

Part Two: Solutions.

Chapter 8. The Pathway Forward.

Chapter 9. Step1: Determine Leadership requirements.

Chapter 10. Step 2: Measure the Gap.

Chapter 11. Step 3: Act to Build Capacity.

Chapter 12. Step 4: Do Your Part.

Chapter 13. Shape Your Future.

Appendix A. Audit of Organizational Practices and Accompanying 30-Cell Grid.

Appendix B. Survey of Leadership Culture and Accompanying 30-Cell Grid.

Appendix C. Assessment of Leader Behaviors and Accompanying 30-Cell Grid.



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