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Leading Change: Overcoming the Ideology of Comfort and the Tyranny of Custom



Leading Change: Overcoming the Ideology of Comfort and the Tyranny of Custom

James O'Toole

ISBN: 978-1-555-42608-8 March 1995 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages


In Leading Change, James O'Toole argues that outdated Machiavellian dictates of situational leadership are ultimately ineffective--and demonstrates instead that successful leadership is rooted in high moral purpose and consistent respect for followers.
Christ Comes to Brussels: An Introduction to Values-Based Leadership.


The Rushmoreans: An Indelible Lesson in Values-Based Leadership.

The Corporate Rushmoreans: How to Lead Change Effectively and Morally.

The Realists and the Fallacy of Tough Leadership.

Why Amoral Leadership Doesn't Work.

Leaders of Leaders: Why Values-Based Leadership Is an Unnatural Act.

Why Democratic Leadership Is Not an Oxymoron.


Change Resisted: Thirty-Two Hypotheses Why.

Drucker Unheeded: Two Potent Sources of Resistance to Change.

Deming Ignored: Premature Articulation or Flawed Leadership?

Owen Unrecognized: The Early Promise of the New Management.

Owen Rejected: Valid Reasons or Rationalization?

Mill Interpreted: The Despotism of Custom.

The Ideology of Comfort: A "Good Enough" Explanation of Resistance to Change.
"A compelling book! Jim O'Toole argues convincingly that the complexity and turmoil of our time demands leadership that is right--not leadership that simply works." (Kermit Campbell, CEO, Herman Miller, Inc.)