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Leading Dispersed Teams

Leading Dispersed Teams

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Michael E. Kossler, Sonya Prestridge

ISBN: 978-1-882-19781-1

Mar 2007, Pfeiffer

36 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This is a book about leading dispersed teams—teams that are made up of people who don’t work in the same geographical area. Such teams don’t often meet face-to-face. Usually their members are separated by time and distance, and they often bring different cultural views to bear on their work. Solving potential communication problems and devising processes for making decisions and managing conflict are challenges for leaders of dispersed teams. But before they can address those challenges, they need to analyze the support such a team will get from the organization as a whole.
Dispersed teams are a necessary, strategic work unit in a world that continues to grow more interconnected every day. Guiding them to their full potential is a difficult challenge for even the most seasoned team leader.
7 What Is a Dispersed Team?

7 Act Global, Think Local

Leadership That Exploits Advantages

Leadership That Mitigates Disadvantages

12 Launching a Dispersed Team

Assessing Readiness

Meeting for the First Time

22 Leading a Dispersed Team

Communication and Information Sharing

Decision Making

Conflict Resolution

27 Dispersed Teams: Leadership Challenges for an Interconnected World

29 Suggested Readings

30 Background

30 Key Point Summary