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Leading So People Will Follow

Leading So People Will Follow

Erika Andersen

ISBN: 978-1-118-37987-5

Oct 2012

224 pages

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A unique take on leadership from a popular Forbes blogger and nationally-known leadership coach

Leading So People Will Follow explores the six leadership characteristics that inspire followers to fully support their leaders. Using Erika Andersen’s proven framework, new leaders and veterans alike have increased their capacity for leading in a way that creates loyalty, commitment and results. Step by step, Andersen lays out six key attributes (far-sightedness, passion, courage, wisdom, generosity, and trustworthiness) and gives leaders the tools for developing them. This innovative book offers a practical guide for building the skills to become a truly 'followable' leader.

  • Filled with examples from forward-thinking organizations such as Apple, NBC Universal, Union Square Hospitality Group, and MTV Networks
  • Maps out the six attributes of leadership
  • Includes a free online Followable Leader assessment
  • Author Erika Andersen is one of Forbes' most popular bloggers and coaches some of the most successful leaders in America

Using self-assessments, real-world examples, and concrete tools, Leading So People Will Follow helps build timeless core skills that work for leaders in any field.



1 The Longing for Good Leaders 1

Our Leader Longing Is Wired In ✴ Cracking the Code

2 Firesides and Folktales 7

Stories Hold the Map ✴ The Six Attributes ✴ Reflecting on Your Leadership ✴ Hearing the Story

3 Farsighted 21

See Possible Futures ✴ Articulate the Vision ✴ Model the Vision ✴ See Past Obstacles ✴ Invite Participation

4 Passionate 49

Commit Honestly ✴ Make a Clear Case Without Dogma ✴ Invite Real Dialogue ✴ Support Your Passion ✴ Remain Committed

5 Courageous 63

Make Tough Choices ✴ Risk Yourself for the Enterprise ✴ Do Personally Difficult Things ✴ Take Responsibility ✴ Admit Mistakes

6 Wise 83

Be Curious—Listen! ✴ Assess Objectively ✴ Learn from Your Experience ✴ See and Share Patterns ✴ Act Based on Your Sense of Right

7 Generous 105

Assume Positive Intent ✴ Share Power ✴ Share What You Know ✴ Freely Give Credit, Praise, and Reward ✴ Provide Necessary Resources for Success

8 Trustworthy 137

Tell the Truth ✴ Do What You Say You Will ✴ Keep Confidences ✴ Speak and Act for the Greater Good ✴ Get Results

9 Friends for the Journey 157

Leading as a Group Endeavor ✴ Wizards, Well-Wishers, and Wild Cards ✴ Finding Your Supporters

10 Your Own Tale 167

Reassess Yourself ✴ Make a Plan ✴ Rely on Your Wizards, Well-Wishers, and Wild Cards

Epilogue 173

Listening and Self-Talk for Leaders: Bonus Section 175

Acknowledgments 187

The Author 189

Index 191

You recognize leadership when you see it, but many people tend to stumble when asked to come up with a definition. Not so for Andersen, who is a leadership coach and Forbes blogger. She couldn’t be more direct and succinct as she breaks down the definition of leadership into six components or, more apropos to her discussions, the six attributes of a good leader—far-sightedness, passion, courage, wisdom, generosity, and trustworthiness. Her point and approach are to teach how to be an effective leader, supported by her fundamental philosophy that “when someone who is put in the ‘leader’ seat doesn’t demonstrate the leadership qualities for which human beings have a kind of built-in radar, that person is unlikely to be effective as a leader.” To that end, she offers five “key behaviors” for each of the six leadership components. A book to read more than once and to consult many times.— Brad Hooper, Booklist Online