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Lean For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Natalie J. Sayer, Bruce Williams

ISBN: 978-1-118-23772-4 April 2012 416 Pages


Take charge and engage your enterprise in a Lean transformation

Have you thought about using Lean in your business or organization, but are not really sure how to implement it? Or perhaps you're already using Lean, but you need to get up to speed. Lean For Dummies shows you how to do more with less and create an enterprise that embraces change. In plain-English, this friendly guide explores the general overview of Lean, how flow and the value stream works, and the best ways to apply Lean to your enterprise.

This revised edition includes the latest tools, advice, and information that can be used by everyone — from major corporations to small business, from non-profits and hospitals to manufacturers and service corporations. In addition, it takes a look at the successes and failures of earlier Lean pioneers — including Toyota, the inventors of Lean — and offer case studies and hands-on advice.

  • The latest on the Six Sigma and Lean movements
  • The role of technology and the expanding Lean toolbox
  • Case studies enhance the material

Lean For Dummies gives today's business owners and upper level management in companies of all sizes and in all industries, the tools and information they need to streamline process and operate more efficiently.

Foreword xvii

Introduction 1

Part I: Lean Basics 7

Chapter 1: Defining Lean 9

Chapter 2: The Foundation and Language of Lean 27

Part II: The Lean Culture 47

Chapter 3: Lean in the Organization: Principles, Behaviors, and Change 49

Chapter 4: Power to the People 65

Chapter 5: Go Lean: Implementation Strategy, Startup, and Evolution 87

Part III: Understanding Flow and the Value Stream 113

Chapter 6: Seeing Value through the Eyes of the Customer 115

Chapter 7: You Are Here: Mapping the Current State 133

Chapter 8: Charting the Course: Using Value-Stream Maps 157

Chapter 9: Flowing in the Right Direction: Lean Projects and Kaizen 181

Part IV: The Lean Toolbox 199

Chapter 10: Customer and Value-Stream Tools 201

Chapter 11: Flow and Pull Tools 215

Chapter 12: Perfection Tools 237

Chapter 13: Management Tools 261

Part V: The Lean Enterprise 279

Chapter 14: Lean within the Enterprise 281

Chapter 15: Lean across Industries 305

Chapter 16: Real-Life Lean 321

Part VI: The Part of Tens 345

Chapter 17: Ten Best Practices of Lean 347

Chapter 18: Ten Pitfalls to Avoid 353

Chapter 19: Ten Places to Go for Help 361

Glossary 369

Index 373