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Learning More Biochemistry: 100 New Case-Oriented Problems



Learning More Biochemistry: 100 New Case-Oriented Problems

Richard F. Ludueña

ISBN: 978-0-471-17054-9 April 1997 303 Pages


This problem book offers an opportunity for students to go beyond memorization and lectures standard in most biochemistry classes. It presents 100 problems that students will not be able to solve merely by using the textbook. They must do independent research. Each problem describes some kind of clinical situation, including the symptoms and some biochemical findings. These are followed by some short questions and problems. The process of researching the answers will provide valuable learning experience.
Lipid Metabolism: Problems 1-3.

Carbohydrate Metabolism: Problems 4 and 5.

Amino Acid Metabolism: Problem 6.

Vitamins: Problems 7-9.

Minerals: Problems 10-15.

Hormones: Problems 16-20.

The Blood: Problems 21-26.

The Immune System: Problems 27-30.

Infections: Problems 31-33.

The Muscles: Problems 34-39.

Skin and Hair: Problems 40-49.

Eyes and Ears: Problems 50-56.

The Kidney: Problems 57-61.

Bones and Cartilage: Problems 62-69.

The Gonads: Problems 70 and 71.

The Brain and the Nervous System: Problems 72-89.

Cancer: Problems 90-99.

Aging: Problem 100.