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Lecture Notes: Oncology, 3rd Edition

Lecture Notes: Oncology, 3rd Edition

Mark Bower, Jonathan Waxman

ISBN: 978-1-118-84209-6

Jan 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

360 pages

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Cancer is one of the most exciting specialties in medicine. This book aspires to convey the authors’ enthusiasm for oncology and this new edition of Oncology Lecture Notes is a must for students and trainees.

There has been a revolution in the practice of oncology. The changes are due to amazing advances in basic science, and the development of new drugs and successful immunisation programmes that have followed. Cancer death rates have fallen and this is in part due to radical new treatments, effective screening programmes, and also, as a result of popular movements for change in patient care, and decreased exposure to carcinogens. 

Completely revised and updated, this new edition of Oncology Lecture Notes describes advances in molecular biology research and highlights the importance of patient perspectives in cancer care. The text includes many new figures and tables, an update of molecular biology and highlights new treatments. With learning objectives and key point summaries in each chapter, Oncology Lecture Notes is an ideal introduction to the biological basis and principles of treatment in oncology.

Includes a companion website at featuring cases and self-assessment MCQs

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Preface vi

About the companion website vii

Part 1 Introduction to oncology

1 What is cancer? 3

2 The scientific basis of cancer 22

3 The principles of cancer treatment 52

4 Cancer and people 96

Part 2 Types of cancer

5 Breast cancer 107

6 Central nervous system cancers 116

7 Oesophageal cancer 124

8 Gastric cancer 128

9 Hepatobiliary cancer 132

10 Pancreatic cancer 137

11 Colorectal cancer 143

12 Kidney cancer 151

13 Bladder cancer 156

14 Prostate cancer 161

15 Testis cancer 169

16 Gestational trophoblastic disease 175

17 Cervical cancer 178

18 Endometrial cancer 183

19 Ovarian cancer 186

20 Head and neck cancers 193

21 Thyroid cancer 200

22 Adrenal cancers 203

23 Carcinoid tumours 206

24 Pituitary tumours 210

25 Parathyroid cancers 212

26 Lung cancer 214

27 Mesothelioma 224

28 The leukaemias 227

29 Hodgkin’s lymphoma 238

30 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 244

31 Myeloma 252

32 Non-melanoma skin tumours 258

33 Melanoma 264

34 Paediatric solid tumours 271

35 Cancers in teenagers and young adults 279

36 Bone and soft tissue sarcomas 281

37 Cancer of unknown primary 289

38 Immunodeficiency-related cancers 295

Part 3 The practice of oncology

39 Paraneoplastic complications of cancer 303

40 Oncological emergencies 314

41 End of life care 334

42 Cancer survivorship 339

Index 341 

"This book...provides a concise but quite complete overview of what oncology is about.The volume is designed for undergraduate students in medicine, but it can be a useful reading also for early trainees and for students in other life science related fields with an interest in cancer research. More experienced physicians and investigators might find the book useful for teaching purposes...Each chapter is very rich of illustrations, schemes, and tables and is ended with a list of key points. Considering also its low price, the book is recommended. (Hematological Oncology 17th June 2017)