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Leukocyte Trafficking: Molecular Mechanisms, Therapeutic Targets, and Methods

Leukocyte Trafficking: Molecular Mechanisms, Therapeutic Targets, and Methods

Alf Hamann (Editor), Britta Engelhardt (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60701-3

May 2006, Wiley-Blackwell

557 pages



Written by known specialists in the field, this is a comprehensive and timely overview of a central and expanding topic. Simultaneously an introduction and a description of the latest concepts, findings and methods, the handbook provides basic knowledge on technical issues required for those intending to research in the field. It covers the functional role of involved molecules and the cellular mechanisms, and addresses selected examples for their possible application in therapy -- bridging the gap between trafficking mechanisms and novel therapeutic strategies. In addition, it includes selection of proven and timesaving methods for studying cell trafficking in vitro and in vivo.
The accompanying CD-ROM makes leukocyte migration videos available to a broad audience for the first time.
Preface: A Mobile Society -
The Constitutive Role of Cell Trafficking in the Organization of the Immune System (A. Hamann, B. Engelhardt)
The Multistep Model of Leukocyte Trafficking: a Personal Perspective from 15 Years later (E. C. Butcher)
Capture and Rolling: Selectins and their Ligands (C. S. Bonder, P. Kubes)
Chemokines and their Receptors: Biochemical, Structural and Biological Properties (M. Oppermann and R. Förster)
Mechanisms of Leukocyte Integrin Activation (G. Constantin, C. Laudanna)
Mechanisms of Leukocyte Transmigration: Role of Immunoglobulin Superfamily Molecules (F. M. Marelli-Berg, S. Nourshargh)
The Endothelial Cell Basement Membrane and its Role in Leukocyte Extravasation (L. M. Sorokin)
Control of Homing Receptor Expression during Lymphocyte Differentiation, Activation and Function (D. J. Campbell)
Trafficking of Lymphocyte Subpopulations (A. Hamann, C. N. Arnold, G. F. Debes)
Trafficking of B Cells (R. A. Manz)
Trafficking of Dendritic Cells (N. Romani, S. Holzmann, C. H. Tripp, M. Sixt, P. Stoitzner)
Molecular and Cellular Contributions to Selectin-dependent Leukocyte Adhesion under Flow (R. P. McEver)
Mechanisms of Inflammation: Neutrophils (M. Sperandio, B. Walzog)
Chemokines drive the Inflammatory Leukocyte Recruitment (S. Floess, A. Rot)
Mechanism of Inflammation: Activation of the Endothelium (M. Clauss, C. E. Patterson)
Integrins as Therapeutic Targets for Inflammatory Disease (M. Briskin)
Chemokine Receptor Antagonists: From the Bench to the Clinic (S. Ribeiro, R. Horuk)
Leukocyte/Endothelial Cell-Cell Interactions in vitro: Static Assays and Adhesion under Shear Stress (M. Hammel, O. Zilles, R. Hallmann, and S. Jennrich, K. Siemund, A. Hamann)
Chemotaxis Assay: Analysis of Lymphocyte Subsets (K. Siegmund, G. F. Debes, A. Hamann)
In vitro Transendothelial Migration Assay (R. Lyck, B. Engelhardt)
Real Time in vitro Assays for Studying Leukocyte Transendothelial Migration under Physiological Flow Conditions (R. Alon, G. Cinamon, F. W. Luscinskas)
Intravital Microscopy and in vitro Flow Chamber: Techniques to Study Leukocyte Adhesion under Flow and in Real Time (J. V. Stein)
Immune Processes in the Light of Two-photon Microscopy (A. Flügel, N. Kawakami)
Use of labeled Lymphocytes to Analyze Trafficking in vivo (K. Siegmund, A. Hamann)
"Insgesamt bietet das Buch eine sehr gute Gesamtschau des aktuellen Wissens um die Wanderungen der Leukozyten - einer der wesentlichen Mechanismen des Immunsystems."
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