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Leveraging Constraints for Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA

Leveraging Constraints for Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA

Sebastian Gurtner, Jelena Spanjol, Abbie Griffin

ISBN: 978-1-119-39027-5

Sep 2018

208 pages


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Provides managers with actionable insight into a select set of innovation constraints and how to best deal with them 

This PDMA Essentials Book, the third in this series, provides a framework of individual, organizational, and market and societal constraints that guides managers in identifying specific constraints related to their innovation activities and provides them with corresponding tools and practices to overcome and leverage those constraints. 

Written by a team of international innovation experts, Leveraging Constraints for Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA is presented in three parts. The first part, Individual Constraints, provides insights into how to: simultaneously solve social and commercial needs for greater creativity; apply a multi-stage approach to overcome knowledge sharing in teams; and anticipate and account for psychographic differences among customers during product launch. In the second part, Organizational Constraints, insights emerge that provide guidance on how to: identify and solve for sources of innovation constraints within the company; implement and manage virtual NPD teams; and effectively organize new service development in professional services. The last part, Market Constraints, examines how to: adapt firm capabilities to overcome constraints preventing consumers in low-end and under-resourced markets from purchasing new products; implement inclusive innovation strategies to address markets constrained by underdeveloped infrastructures; develop solutions for women and other disadvantaged market traders in emerging markets.

This book:

  • Is a single comprehensive volume that covers the full spectrum of constraint-related strategies and techniques in a coherent, integrated fashion
  • Provides a set of frameworks, techniques, and tools that can be immediately implemented by individuals across firms
  • Offers how-to knowledge on specific tools and methods as applied to innovating products and services when facing constraints as well as for the development of new business models
  • Integrates problem- and solution-based knowledge to enable companies to develop sustainable growth strategies by leveraging constraints and restrictions toward innovation strategies, processes and offerings
Leveraging Constraints for Innovation: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA is an ideal book for all product development professionals, including marketers, engineers, project managers, and business managers in both startups and well-established firms, and from a broad range of industries from heavy manufacturing to the service sector.

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About the Editors

Introductory Chapter: Framework for Edited Volume
Jelena Spanjol, Sebastian Gurtner

Section 1: Individual Constraints

Chapter 1 From Sustainability Constraints to Creative Action: Increasing Managerial Innovation by Simultaneously Solving Social and Commercial Needs
Goran Calic, Maryam Ghasemaghaei

Chapter 2 A Practice-Oriented Approach to Overcome Knowledge Sharing Boundaries in Innovation Projects
Christiane Rau, Anne-Katrin Neyer, Katja Krämer-Helmer

Chapter 3 The Consumer as the Last Constraint: Addressing Psychological Constraints in New Product Development
Nadine Hietschold

Section 2: Organizational Constraints

Chapter 4 Identifying and Overcoming Organizational Innovation Constraints
Katharina Hölzle, Tanja Reimer, Hans Georg Gemünden

Chapter 5 New Service Development for Professional Services: Time Commitment as the Scarcest Resource
Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen

Chapter 6 Bridging Communication Gaps in Virtual Teams
Donovan Hardenbrook, Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

Section 3: Market Constraints

Chapter 7 How to Develop Low-End Innovation Capabilities: Adapting Capabilities to Overcome Constraints for Consumers In Low-End Markets
Ronny Reinhardt

Chapter 8 Developing Solutions for Under-Resourced Markets
Aruna Shekar, Andrew Drain

Chapter 9 Overcoming Market Constraints in Emerging Markets:  Lessons from Social Enterprises in Indian Healthcare Sector
Nivedita Agarwal, Alexander Brem

Chapter 10 Ambiguity and Misdirection? Bring it On! Lessons about Overcoming from Women Market Traders
Jose Antonio Rosa, Shikha Upadhyaya