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Leveraging Japan: Marketing to the New Asia

Leveraging Japan: Marketing to the New Asia

George Fields, Hotaka Katahira, Yoram (Jerry) Wind, Robert E. Gunther

ISBN: 978-0-787-94663-0

Dec 1999

328 pages

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Japan's current shift from a manufacturing to a consumer economy is creating unprecedented opportunities for any company with the savvy to exploit this, the world's second largest market. Certainly, as the Japanese economy continues to rebound, more and more companies will continue to stake and build their presence there and use it as a springboard to enter other growing Asian markets. In Leveraging Japan, three leading authorities on market strategy and Japan present the new rules of Japanese marketing and discuss the evolution of other emerging Asian markets. These experts then share the same strategies that they've used to help American Express, Avon, Levi Strauss, and KFC, among other multinational companies, successfully establish a presence in Japan and leverage that presence to enter other Asian markets.

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Preface Acknowledgements About the Authors
1. The Fourth Rush
2. From Shoji Screen to Sheet Glass--Forces Shaping the Japanese Market
3. The Japanese Gateway to Asia
4. Strategies for Entering Japan and Asia
5. From ""Tap Water"" Marketing to Tapping Markets
6. From Power to Finesse--Segmentation, Positioning, and Branding
7. Starting with the Customer--Developing Products and Services
8. The Discovery of Value--Pricing and Promotion
9. Goodbye to Greeting--New Rules of Communications, Advertising, and Public Relations
10. The Rise of Cybermarketing
11. Breaking the Labyrinth--New Rules of Distribution
12. Beyond Bowing--New Rules of Customer Satisfaction and Value Creation
13. New Rules of Marketing Research
Conclusion: Leveraging the Future
""Although the Japanese economy overall may be slow in recovering, foreign companies are now finding that business opportunities here have never been better. Read this book to discover how best to leverage your business presence in the world's second largest market."" --Glen S. Fukushima, president, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

""Leveraging Japan combines an analysis of current Japanese market trends with a primer on how foreign businesses can successfully operate in the labyrinth of rules that govern that market."" --Peter B. Frank, director of global integration, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

""If you are in Japan or planning to enter-and perhaps especially if you have decided not to enter-this book is required reading. It shows that many of the things we thought we knew about the Japanese market are no longer true. For companies with the right strategies, the opportunities in this market may be greater than ever."" --Kenichi Ohmae, managing director, Ohmae & Associates, Inc., Tokyo

""An excellent book! Leveraging Japan is written with total clarity to explain the complexities and intricacies of business practice in the New Asia. Fields, Hotaka, and Wind present a practical approach to doing business there that has eluded many for decades."" --Y.Y. Wong, founder and chairman, The Wywy Group of Companies, Republic of Singapore

""These authors have done a fine job of highlighting the enormous potential of the Japanese consumer market and the profound changes that it is undergoing. Leveraging Japan points out cultural differences in consumer attitudes and potential pitfalls for foreigners without taking the cultural argument too far."" --Ulrich Cartellieri, board member, the Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt