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Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence: At the Intersection of Money, Health, and Happiness



Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence: At the Intersection of Money, Health, and Happiness

Douglas Lennick, Roy Geer, Ryan Goulart

ISBN: 978-1-119-43078-0 October 2017 160 Pages


Smart financial decisions boost more than your bottom line—they'll make you healthier and happier too!

Are you one of the 90% of people who are stressed about money? If so, you know it can take its toll on every part of your life. Financial health, physical health and happiness are profoundly interconnected. It's almost impossible to enjoy any one of these without the help of the other two. The authors describe this phenomenon as the intersection of money, health, and happiness.

Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence will teach you a powerful values-based approach to achieving your most important life goals. As you take steps to improve your financial well-being, you'll discover that leveraging your financial intelligence will also fuel your physical and emotional well-being.

Backed by the latest research findings in neuroscience, psychology, health, and cultural anthropology, the authors' invaluable advice focuses on the practical actions you can take to improve not just your finances, but your overall life satisfaction.

You'll be inspired by meeting people from all walks of life who have leveraged their financial intelligence to build financial security, promote fitness and health, and increase their daily sense of happiness.

Proven recommendations from the authors' work with countless clients, along with worksheets, self-assessments, and other tools will help you apply the book's concepts to enhance your own financial, physical and emotional health.

Use the strategies presented in this book to leverage your financial intelligence in a way that's tailored to your individual circumstances and allows you to create your own extraordinary intersection of money, health, and happiness.

Preface v

Acknowledgments ix

Chapter 1 Money, Health, and happiness: How they’re Connected 1

Chapter 2 Living in alignment 22

Chapter 3 Setting and Achieving goals 36

Chapter 4 Money 54

Chapter 5 Health 77

Chapter 6 Happiness 103

Afterword 130

Appendix A: Exercise: What are your Top values? 132

Appendix B: Exercise: Values and Behavior alignment 133

Appendix C: Exercise: What is your life’s purpose? 136

Appendix D: Exercise: Visualize yourself living your Purpose 138

Appendix E: Goal Achievement planning 140

Appendix F: Exercise: Play the freeze game 143

Index 145