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Leveraging httpHandlers to Stream Custom Content in ASP.NET

Leveraging httpHandlers to Stream Custom Content in ASP.NET

Chris Love

ISBN: 978-0-470-37940-0

Jun 2008

50 pages

Select type: E-Book

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This Wrox Blox provides a look into how to build and use custom ASP.NET httpHandlers to easily make advanced ASP.NET web sites. Learn fundamental concepts on what custom handlers are and how to use them. This Wrox Blox provides the opportunity to examine several real-world examples of custom httpHandlers to see how they can be applied and how they are developed. The author starts by covering built-in httpHandlers and adding an httpHandler to an ASP.NET Website.  Next, the author discusses registering httpHandlers, and then basic, synchronous and asynchronous handlers, and a simple HTML handler.  In addition, RSS, vCard, PDF, image resizer and recropper handlers are covered.

Table of Contents:

Built-in httpHandlers 2

Adding an httpHandler to an ASP.NET Web Site 2

How to Add a Custom Handler Class 3

Adding a Generic Handler File 3

Registering httpHandlers 4

Mapping File Extensions to ASP.NET 5

A Basic HTML Handler 9

Synchronous httpHandlers 11

Asynchronous httpHandlers 11

A Simple HTML Handler 12

RSS Handler 12

A vCard Handler 16

Image Resizer and Cropper Handlers 20

A PDF Handler 28

Publish a Stock Quote 34

Return a Compressed Document 38

Summary 45

About Chris Love 46 

Built-in httpHandlers.

Adding an httpHandler to an ASP.NET Web Site.

How to Add a Custom Handler Class.

Adding a Generic Handler File.

Registering httpHandlers.

Mapping File Extensions to ASP.NET.

A Basic HTML Handler.

Synchronous httpHandlers.

Asynchronous httpHandlers.

A Simple HTML Handler.

RSS Handler.

A vCard Handler.

Image Resizer and Cropper Handlers.

A PDF Handler.

Publish a Stock Quote.

Return a Compressed Document.


About Chris Love.

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