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Levinas, Subjectivity, Education: Towards an Ethics of Radical Responsibility

Levinas, Subjectivity, Education: Towards an Ethics of Radical Responsibility

Anna Strhan

ISBN: 978-1-118-31236-0 July 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 176 Pages


Levinas, Subjectivity, Education explores how the philosophical writings of Emmanuel Levinas lead us to reassess education and reveals the possibilities of a radical new understanding of ethical and political responsibility.
  • Presents an original theoretical interpretation of Emmanuel Levinas that outlines the political significance of his work for contemporary debates on education
  • Offers a clear analysis of Levinas’s central philosophical concepts, including the place of religion in his work, demonstrating their relevance for educational theorists
  • Examines Alain Badiou’s critique of Levinas’s work
  • Considers the practical implications of Levinas’ theories for concrete educational practices and frameworks

Preface vi

Acknowledgements viii

List of Abbreviations x

Introduction 1

PART I Levinas's Teaching 17

1 Teaching, Subjectivity and Language in Totality and Infinity 19

2 The Infinite Responsibility of the Ethical Subject in Otherwise than Being 44

PART II Towards an Education Otherwise 71

3 Heteronomy, Autonomy and the Aims of Education 73

4 Grace, Truth and Economies of Education 95

PART III 'Concrete Problems with Spiritual Repercussions' 119

5 Towards a Religious Education Otherwise 121

6 Dialogue, Proximity and the Possibility of Community 141

7 Political Disappointment, Hope and the Anarchic Ethical Subject 175

Coda 199

Bibliography 204

Index 212