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Life. Business: Just Got Easier

Life. Business: Just Got Easier

Brad Burton

ISBN: 978-0-857-08481-1

Sep 2013, Capstone

216 pages



A motivational smack in the face!

 “Beneath the bluff exterior of the self-styled “fat bloke from Manchester” is a shrewd business brain.” The Times

 “…a northern Anthony Robbins!”  Theo Paphitis

Brad Burton, once a regular in the dole queue, burdened with unbearable levels of debt, is now the MD of a multi-million pound international business. If anyone knows about sorting your life out, it’s Brad. But this isn’t Brad’s story – this is about YOU. Brad is here to share practical, actionable steps – stuff you can actually do – to improve your life, both at home and in business. He’s learnt exactly how to motivate yourself, focus on your passion, face setbacks and keep on moving forward – and now Brad wants to share these lessons with as many people as possible. We all have it in us to improve our lives and succeed – we just need a friendly kick in the pants from Brad!

 Chapters include:

  • If your only motivation is money it’s not enough
  • 2 year plan. Forget it. More like 2 week plan
  • No passion. No point
  • Buy my stuff
  • Eject. Eject. Eject. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore

Foreword vii

#Justgoteasierbook xi

1 The day it all changed 1

2 Leaders make decisions. Decisions don’t make a leader. 19

3 Two-year plan. Forget it. 31

4 No passion. No point. 45

5 The day it all changed for you 59

6 Win some. Lose none. 73

7 Eject. Eject. Eject. 87

8 Jenga! 101

9 Buy my stuff/never trust a skint telemarketer 115

10 It’s only an ambush if you don’t know it’s there 129

11 We lose so many todays worrying about tomorrow 143

12 Build it and they will come. Sometimes. 155

13 Experience is what you win, when you lose 173

14 Sun will shine 187

About Brad Burton 199

Business blah blah blah 201

Acknowledgements 203