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Life Coaching For Dummies

Jeni Mumford

ISBN: 978-0-470-68700-0 September 2009 344 Pages


Trusted advice on finding a coach and getting more out of life

Life coaching is a popular, though unregulated, personal development tool. This no-nonsense guide debunks the myths behind life coaching and gives expert advice on incorporating it into daily life. Whether readers want to self-coach or work with a professional, this savvy resource provides essential tips on getting priorities straight, being more productive, and achieving goals.

Jeni Mumford (London, UK) is a qualified personal life coach and an accredited NLP practitioner.
Part One: The basics of life coaching.

Chapter One: Introducing Life coaching.

Chapter Two: Deciding what you want to get out of life coaching.

Chapter Three: Preparing for coaching.

Part Two: Your life coaching journey.

Chapter four: Becoming your best self.

Chapter five: Choosing your beliefs.

Chapter Six: Discovering the values that motivate you.

Chapter Seven: Stocking up on empowering questions.

Chapter Eight: Taking stock of now.

Chapter Nine: Exploring your options.

Chapter Ten: Planning effective action.

Part Three: Focusing on the elements of your life.

Chapter Eleven: Career and work.

Chapter Twelve: Money, wealth and abundance.

Chapter Thirteen: People and relationships.

Chapter Fourteen: Physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Chapter Fifteen: Learning and growing.

Part Four: Creating a harmonious whole life.

Chapter Sixteen: Achieving balance.

Chapter Seventeen: Making major life changing decisions.

Chapter Eighteen: Applying your coaching skills more widely.

Part five: The Part of Tens.

Chapter Nineteen – 10 life coaching Beliefs about yourself.

Chapter Twenty– 10 questions to keep your life on track.

Chapter Twenty-one – 10 Daily balancing acts.

Chapter Twenty-two – 10 inspirational resources. Appendix: Becoming a Life Coach.